More Info Comes Out About Indiana Shooting and Hero Who Stopped Shooter

On Sunday, a young man walked into a mall in a suburb of Indianapolis, went to the bathroom for an hour, and came out spraying bullets.

He shot the first person he saw and then opened up on the food court, killing three individuals and injuring two others.

Very soon into his shooting, however, a 22-year-old man in the mall pulled out his concealed pistol and shot the killer dead. This man, Elisjsha Dicken, is a hero.

Though the left is turning this once again into a debate on reducing 2A rights and not nearly enough appreciation for what Dicken did.

What Happened?

The killer has been identified as 20-year-old Johnathan Sapirman. Police say he fired 24 rounds inside the Greenwood Park Mall in a suburb of Indianapolis before being taken down by Dicken.

Sapirman was in the bathroom for over an hour after entering the mall; police believe he was getting his long gun ready and preparing for the attack.

Sapirman shot the first person he saw after leaving the bathroom and then started killing people in the food court. Instead of running away or hiding on the floor, Dicken tactically advanced and waved others to run away while they could.

He then popped off ten accurate shots, hitting Sapirman in an undisclosed location. Sapirman was still alive at this point and tried to advance back to the bathroom, but collapsed from the round that Dicken had put into him.

Dicken was a legal gun owner, but technically, he should not have brought a gun into the mall, which prohibits any weapons inside the premise.

If pro-gun control gun laws had all been followed on Sunday, many more people would be dead.

The Left Reacts

The left’s reaction has been what you would expect. Instead of recognizing Dicken as a hero, they focused on the laws that allowed Sapirman to purchase his AR-15-style rifle and all the ammunition and guns he had.

Sapirman came ready to kill as many people as possible and was shooting with a Sig Sauer 400M as his primary weapon. This is a .556-caliber rifle that does some serious damage. He also had a Glock .357 as a backup.

He’d apparently left his job a few months ago and ran out of money. Police found many more weapons at Sapirman’s home, as well as a can of butane on high heat inside the oven, which luckily did not explode.

Dicken only had an S & W .556 pistol, but he managed to stop this killer. Yet, the left wants to talk about how he shouldn’t have been carrying or how he’s not a real hero? It’s absurd.

We need to start really celebrating the heroes in our country. Thank you, Mr. Dicken!

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.