Mass Shooting Victims Demand $27 Billion

Families of the Uvalde school massacre are seeking a $27 billion settlement from the Texas school district and various law enforcement agencies that failed to stop the mass shooting in May.

Recently, Texas House lawmakers blamed the poor police response for the mass shooting episode. This strengthened the case of victims’ families in the multibillion-dollar settlement.

Uvalde School District in Trouble

A California-based law firm, Bonner & Bonner, is representing the families of the victims for the $27 billion settlement that is highly unexpected to be settled outside court.

Charles Bonner, the attorney of the families, noted the victims are seeking to reach a settlement in the coming weeks. If the case is not settled outside court, the families will launch a lawsuit against the school district in September.

Victims’ families are relying on the report of the Texas House Committee, according to which police officers failed to respond to the massacre in a timely fashion, due to their poor decision-making abilities.

Furthermore, the legal firm also wants compensation from Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the AR-15, which was used in the mass shooting episode.

Previously, doctors who saw the mass shooting victims claimed the bullets of the AR-15 completely destroyed the dead bodies.

Likewise, law enforcement agencies that failed to stop the massacre, despite their presence at the shooting scene, will also be nominated in the lawsuit.

For now, nine families are pursuing the lawsuit, but Bonner expects more families to come forward to be a part of the multibillion-dollar deal.

Uvalde School Police Chief Fired 

Meanwhile, the Uvalde school board district voted unanimously, on Wednesday, to fire the school police chief, Pete Arredondo, after parents of the victims slammed him for his poor response to counter the mass shooting.

As per the video of the shooting day, police officers kept waiting outside the classroom while the shooter slayed 19 children and two teachers.

Police officers suggested, later on, that they were waiting for the orders to break into the classroom where the mass shooting was taking place.

While Arredondo did not attend the school board meeting, his attorney issued a statement, according to which the school district is not following proper legal procedure to fire the police chief.

Similarly, the attorney claimed Arredondo is concerned about his safety, due to the rising negative sentiments against him.

Prior to the school board meeting, the parents of the victims asked for the resignation of school board members if they fail to fire the police chief.

Parents argued the police chief deviated from the written policy of the school district, which directed him to lead efforts to kill the shooter in case of any mass shooting event.

However, parents continued, the police chief neither tried to control the situation, nor did he hand over command to any other officer to stop the rampage.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.