Marxist Author of 1619 Project Displays Civil War, Slavery Ignorance


Modern-day American Marxism, and Marxism in other Western nations, is borrowing heavily from the classic playbook of Marxism-Leninism.

American Marxists have gradually gained great strength in mainstream media, college campuses, Hollywood, and now social media and big tech.

Ignorance is Virtue for Marxism

This has just been blatantly demonstrated by the infamous New York Times Marxist propagandist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, known as the author behind the NYT’s 1619 Project.

This is a far-left propaganda attempt at convincing the nation to believe the lie that it has always been all about slavery. Hannah-Jones demonstrated blatant ignorance about historical truths, regarding both slavery and the Civil War, which certainly casts in doubt anything she has ever written.

In her tweet, the infamous Marxist declared in 1865, the North “was reluctantly drawn” in a war which ended slavery. That is, of course, the year when the Civil War ended, having begun in 1861.

She claimed that “we”, i.e. America, didn’t “stop the expansion” of slavery until 1865, when she thinks the Civil War began.

It’s Not Just the Wrong Year

Hannah-Jones is clearly ignoring the fact the United States ended the import of slaves with a special law in 1807.

The Marxist-Communist propagandist’s claim the North went to war in the Civil War “reluctantly” is extremely bewildering.

It ignores the voracity, devastation, and scope of the Civil War, which remains the single bloodiest, most destructive war in American history.

Of course, from the likes of Hannah-Jones, you will never hear any appreciation for the fact the United States is the only nation in the world which went to war with itself at great costs to end race-based slavery.

When her blatant historical ignorance was exposed, Hannah-Jones focused her defense solely on the mistaken year of the start of the Civil War. She haughtily stated she doubts whether anybody thinks she doesn’t know when the beginning of the Civil War was.

Of course, for those who know the history of Marxism-Communism from around the world, there is no surprise Marxist propagandists are ignorant and not ashamed of it.

Recently, Hannah-Jones defended the vile Marxist sub-ideology of critical race theory by arguing outrageously that parents aren’t supposed to have a say over what their children are being taught at school.

Last week, in a blatant display of anti-Americanism, Hannah-Jones made further scandalous statements by claiming “we”, i.e. America, have been “taught the history” belonging to a “country that does not exist.”

If Hannah-Jones had her way, kids would be taught that America is evil and must be destroyed, along with capitalism, democracy, and freedom.

White people are eternally evil; black people are eternal victims and any black people who disagree with those Marxist-Communist designations are dubbed “Uncle Toms.”

At the same time, the leaders of woke Marxism, such as Hannah-Jones, are famous, rich, successful, and omnipotent agenda-setters.