Mansion-Loving BLM Co-Founder Pretends to Be Victim of ‘White Guilt Money’

(Video snapshot from Patrisse Cullors' recent interview for AP)

BLM co-founder and Marxist extremist Patrisse Cullors invented a bewildering justification for her obvious mishandling of nearly $100 million in donations.

She is portraying herself as the victim of what she called “white guilt money.”

BLM Founder Complains of All Those Donations

Finding “racism” in everything possible, Cullors told the Into America podcast of MSNBC that she and the BLM organization hadn’t been “prepared to handle” so much “white guilt money.”

This was a reference to the donations received by Black Lives Matter after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers in May 2020.

While she admitted to making mistakes with massive donations over the past two years, she haughtily complained of the “tsunami of funding” because the foundation didn’t have the proper infrastructure to process them.

Although it certainly seemed to have the infrastructure to buy high-end properties, such as a former Canadian Communist Party mansion in Toronto costing $6.3 million and a Studio City mansion in Los Angeles worth another $6 million.

The Marxist co-founder of BLM claimed the donations “were a major shock.” Cullors sought to dispel the reports that most of the $90 million donated came from corporate donors.

She almost sounded indignant that a lot of “individual white folk donors” decided to give money to BLM’s supposedly noble cause, practically blasting the “white guilt money.”

(REDFIN photo of the inside of the $6.3 million BLM mansion in Studio City)

Cullors Apportioned $37 Million All on Her Own

38-year-old Cullors resigned from the formal leadership of BLM last year after revelations about her personal property portfolio worth $3.2 million.

Earlier this week, the Global Network Foundation of Black Lives Matter (BLMGNF) released its Form 990 of 63 pages that showed on June 30, 2021, its net assets amounted to $42 million.

However, the documents also scandalously revealed Cullors is deep in nepotism. She used BLM donations to pay substantial sums of money to family and friends for “consulting” services of various sorts, along with an expensive private flight charter.

According to the filing, BLMGNF spent a whopping $1.2 million on lobbying efforts in the US Congress, including in favor of the impeachment of President Trump on January 13, 2021.

The lobbyism spending presented 3.4% of the total of $37 million that BLM’s central body spent last year. Most of the money went to the purchases of real estate, consultants’ fees, and grants.

The filing also demonstrates that Cullors practically apportioned the vast sums of money all on her own. She held no board meetings during that period; she was the only voting director for BLMGNF during that time.

In her MSNBC interview, the “trained Marxist” sounded almost tearful as she admitted to being “a human being” who “has made mistakes.”

However, Cullors claimed it seems there is no public room for her self-rectifying efforts.