Manchin Just Killed Biden’s $1.7 Trillion ‘Build Back Better’ Bill

West Virginia moderate Joe Manchin may have just stopped Biden's giant pork barrel spending ambitions all on his own. (Shutterstock)

The pork barrel “crown jewel” of the Biden administration has been the “Build Back Better” bill – originally worth the mind-blowing $3.5 trillion, which has been halved to $1.75 trillion, thanks to opposition by the few remaining voices of reason in the Democrat Party.

These voices of reason are namely moderate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Even so, the Democrats need every single of their 50 Senators to pass “Build Back Better.” They haven’t been able to get it through, as up until just now, Manchin remained opposed to extending the child tax credit, since he fears it would make the skyrocketing inflation even worse.

Manchin’s Done ‘Everything Humanly Possible’ Already

However, Manchin appears to have just changed his mind, and not in a direction that’s favorable to the Biden administration and congressional Democrats.

Instead, the West Virginia Democrat seems to have decided in favor of killing Biden’s communist-style spending bill altogether; his latest comments indicate he doesn’t want to negotiate over it anymore, and will just not support it for as long as he is in a Senate seat.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Manchin simply declared he is a “no” on Build Back Better. He stated he couldn’t vote in favor of adopting the legislation, and he tried “everything humanly possible” in order to do that.

“I just can’t. This is a no. I can’t get there,” stated the embattled West Virginia senator who has been the target of constant attacks by progressivist Democrats for daring to raise the voice of reason in the ranks of the Democrat Party.

Manchin emphasized he has been having reservations about this “mammoth piece of legislation” since the very first time he heard about it 5.5 months ago.

The West Virginia Democrat sounded dismayed his fellow Democrats are still pushing the highly questionable bill against the backdrop of skyrocketing inflation, the haggling over the national debt, the raising of the debt ceiling, and what he described as “geopolitical unrest”.

Manchin made it clear he doesn’t think that the Build Back Better bill makes sense with all those “things coming at” the US right now.

He stated he isn’t going to vote for a bill if he cannot explain to his constituents why he favors it…and he clearly doesn’t.

Progressivist Socialist Bernie Sanders was quick to become mad at Joe Manchin. (Shutterstock)

Progressivist Accusations Quickly Pile Up

Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders was quick to tell “State of the Union” on CNN that Manchin will have to do “a lot of explaining” to his constituents in West Virginia.

Sanders even insisted the Senate should hold a vote on Biden’s lavish government spending bill so Manchin would have to “vote ‘no’” before the eyes of the “whole world.”

He accused Manchin of not having the “courage” of doing “the right thing” to support America’s “working families.” In his words, Congress spent decades granting tax breaks to “the rich”, and not tackling drug companies.

Sanders didn’t seem to address how a potential adoption of Build Back Better would affect the already skyrocketing inflation, which in November was the highest in 39.5 years.