‘Mad Vlad’ Putin Really Furious as Ukraine Successfully Resists Russian Invasion

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin is said to be really furious, as his full-fledged military invasion of Ukraine appears to be failing.

The vastly outgunned Ukrainians are showing the world wonders of bravery in their sacrificial resistance to Russia’s military machine.

Poor Putin! His Blitzkrieg Failed Miserably

Sunday was the fourth day of the fighting. The Russian military seems to be getting bogged down all over Ukraine’s map.

As he is observing the abject failures of his forces, Putin is said to be “fuming” and “furious”, according to Riho Terras, a member of the EU Parliament, who claimed to have seen a Ukrainian intelligence report on the matter.

According to Terras, Putin thought the Russian forces would subdue the Ukrainians in one to four days.

The Russian president didn’t expect the fierce, uncompromising resistance, not just from the Ukrainian military, but also from ordinary men and women armed with self-made Molotov cocktails and AK-47s.

The Russians don’t even have a tactical plan in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the war is costing them $20 billion per day and they are about to run out of missiles in “three to four days,” which is why they are using “them sparingly.”

A major psychological blow to Putin is believed to be the Ukrainians’ total destruction of 56 tanks of elite Chechen assassins dispatched to capture or kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders.

While Putin didn’t seem particularly happy, his address was filled with praise for his special forces who he said are “heroically” performing “their military duties” in Ukraine.

Besides thanking his special forces just as they are failing miserably to crush the free people of Ukraine, Putin uttered more of his ludicrous propaganda.

(Ukraine News Updates social media footage photo showing Ukrainians striking tanks with Molotov cocktails)

Putin Prepared for 50,000 Deaths; 4,300 Already There

Putin’s troops in Ukraine already have suffered losses that are likely far heavier than he would have thought.

More than 4,300 Russian soldiers have been killed during the first three days of the invasion; this is about the same as the number of American troops killed in the Iraq War from 2003 until 2017.

A total of 27 Russian military airplanes and 26 Russian attack helicopters, as well as two drones, have been downed by the Ukrainians.

A total of 146 Russian tanks have been destroyed; so have 706 armored vehicles, 49 cannons, four grad rocket launchers, one Buk air defense system, 30 other vehicles, 60 cisterns, and two boats.

Meanwhile, James Heappey, the UK Armed Forces minister, wrote in the Daily Telegraph if Putin fails in Ukraine, his days in power will be “numbered”.

Heappey emphasized Moscow’s military campaign against the freedom-loving, courageous Ukrainians already fell “well-behind” schedule.

As Putin’s forces have failed to conquer any major Ukrainian cities, they’ve had to leave behind major pockets of “dogged resistance” behind their front lines, while countless more Ukrainians keep flocking to recruitment centers to get armed and fight.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Russian intelligence chiefs suggested Putin is prepared to “stomach” the loss of 50,000 Russian troops to crush, conquer, and rule Ukraine.