Ludicrously Fat Russian Pilot Downed as Ukraine Gives Putin More Hell

(An image shared by the Ukraine authorities on social media shows the super fat downed Russian pilot caught by the Ukrainians in Chernihiv)

As the plucky, defiant Ukraine has been giving hell to the invading hordes of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin for ten days, Ukrainians managed to down and capture alive a shockingly fat Russian fighter jet pilot.

This pilot seems to have been in the war crimes business since at least 2015 in Syria.

Russian Casualties Surpass 10,000 in First Nine Days

Russia’s losses are indeed staggering, considering the Putin regime was bragging for years it could conquer Ukraine in one to two days, if not in several hours.

The brave resistance of the Ukrainians, led by President Volodymyr Zelensky, has completely disproven that.

The downing of any single Russian aircraft is a victory for Ukraine since Russians started to bomb civilian targets, killing infants, toddlers, teenagers, women, elderly, sick, and disabled people.

That is a stark reminiscence of the war crimes against civilians clearly committed by the Putin regime in Syria since 2015. The Russian regime intervened in the bloody Syrian Civil War in order to save the pro-Moscow regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.


(Photos shared on social media: the one on the right shows the captured fat Russian pilot, and the one on the left shows the same fat Russian pilot posing with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, a close Putin buddy)

The Fat Russian War Criminal Who Bombed Syria, Ukraine

In one of the notable developments in Putin’s Ukraine invasion, on Saturday, Ukrainians managed to shoot down a fighter jet, whose main pilot ejected and survived.

This pilot turned out to be shockingly overweight, so much so his images have gone viral on Twitter.

To top it all off, the super fat Russian pilot, whose name is Krasnoyartsev, appeared to have participated in the Russian bombing of the anti-Assad rebels and the respective civilian populations in Syria, repeatedly hitting residential areas, schools, and hospitals.

A photo shared on social media showed the fat, hospital-bombing Krasnoyatsev, with his bulging belly, as he posed for a photograph right next to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, together with several other Russian military pilots.

Krasnoyartsev was downed over Chernihiv, a heavily bombed Ukrainian city of 300,000 to the northeast of the capital Kyiv.

While his second pilot died, despite ejecting, the main pilot, the shockingly fat war criminal, was only wounded and caught alive by the victorious Ukrainians.

The mind-blowingly fat Russian pilot Krasnoyartsev will no doubt make more news headlines, not just with his ghastly gut and fat cheeks, but also with the fact he appears to be a serial war criminal if it could be proven that he bombed civilian targets.

This pertains to not just in Ukraine over the past ten days, but also in Syria, where Putin thought it would be a good idea to intervene back in 2015 and make the civil war even bloodier.