Los Angeles Police Issue Alarming Warning to City Residents

In a very troubling turn of events, crime waves are making major headway across various left-wing cities in the United States.

San Francisco, California is one prime example. Looters are essentially having a field day, as they’re able to break into growing numbers of stores, clean out shelves, and then rinse and repeat the next day.

As time passes, these looting sessions are getting more dangerous, with store shoppers, security guards, and others being attacked if they get in the way of these looters. It’s an ugly situation and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

In Los Angeles, California, the city’s police department has issued an alarming warning to residents, as Newsmax documents.

An Important Service Announcement

In the city of Los Angeles, a robbery pandemic is taking over. This isn’t just in rough areas; these thefts are happening in places that are high-scale and frequented by celebrities.

The Los Angeles Police Department is now advising folks in the city not to “resist” someone trying to steal from them. The service announcement also urges Los Angeles residents to “comply” with what robbers demand of them.

That’s not all, though. In addition to this, Los Angeles police claim that city residents should maintain awareness of their surroundings, abstain from wearing jewelry that can bring attention, and only be in areas with good lighting.

Amid the rise in crime, Los Angeles residents are furthermore being advised by law enforcement not to carry firearms for self-protection. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, though; California is one of the least gun-friendly states in the country.

A Crisis of the City’s Own Making?

There’s no doubt crime is on the rise in leftist cities like Los Angeles. Amid this latest string of advice from police in the community, it’s glaringly obvious that leaders in California are not stepping up.

As robberies and violent crime increase, some Americans are taking a closer look at the policies that Los Angeles embraces. Some examples of these policies include defunding law enforcement and lax on crime approaches, like very low bail and miniminal prosecutions for crimes committed.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles, and California in general, remains under very strong leftist charge. It’s impossible for any Republican to truly win in these areas; yet, despite all the problems in the city, its residents continue to elect leaders like Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Until Democrats get a serious handle on crime, more unfortunate situations and violent outbreaks will continue to occur. The blood is on the hands of leaders like Eric Garcetti, London Breed, and Gavin Newsom.

What do you think about the advice the Los Angeles Police Department gave to city residents on how to handle the rise in robberies?