Liberal Media Hides Brianna Kupfer Murder Story, Hides Suspect’s Criminal Record


Leading mainstream media has literally been trying to hide the story about the unprovoked brutal murder of 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer in Los Angeles.

Even when they did report on it, they left out crucial details, such as the vast criminal record of the suspect who appeared to be out on the streets, thanks to woke “criminal justice reform”.

Brianna Kupfer, a graduate student, was stabbed with a knife to death a week ago while she was working in a high-end furniture store in Los Angeles.

The police have identified the suspect as 31-year-old Shawn Laval Smith. He’s a man with a criminal history, who had been released on a $1,000 bond, after being detained over an incident in Los Angeles County.

Wokeness Leaves Murder Unreported or Underreported

Before she was knifed to death at the Croft House store during her solo shift last Thursday, Kupfer managed to send a text to a friend, telling her that her future killer was “giving her a bad vibe.”

On Tuesday, five days after the murder, the LAPD announced the identity of the suspect and revealed a $250,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest.

The tiny bond amount for a man with a lengthy criminal history in the case of Brianna Kupfer’s murder is very reminiscent of overtly woke “justice reform”

The coverage by mainstream media – or lack thereof – of Brianna Kupfer’s gruesome murder by a long-time criminal clearly points to liberal, leftist censorship, as the Daily Mail raises alarm in a report.

As of Wednesday morning, The New York Times, for instance, hadn’t even covered Brianna Kupfer’s murder at all.

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Delving Deep into Marxist Censorship of Brutal Murder

The CNN article that did cover the brutal and completely unprovoked knife stabbing murder wasn’t to be found on its news site’s homepage; it omitted completely the criminal record of 31-year-old suspect Shawn Laval Smith.

To its “credit”, CNN did have the decency of mentioning the man in question was “armed and dangerous”.

In its own article, the LA Times also shyly abstained from mentioning that Smith had multiple prior arrests.

In the latter case, there was an indictment dated March 16, 2020, right before the first COVID-19 lockdown, and court documents reveal no more proceedings on the case.

ABC News repeated the Marxist censorship pattern; its report of Brianna Kupfer’s killing omitted information about Smith’s criminal past.

In its own report, CBS also thoroughly avoided the failures of woke justice. Instead, CBS “graciously” dwelled on the text message that the poor victim sent about the “bad vibes” coming from the man who turned out to be her future murderer.

The report cites Julie Mastrine, head of media bias ratings at the AllSites website, whose comment slams Marxist-Communist bias and woke censorship of the mainstream leftist media.

Mastrine speculated the left focuses “a lot on empathy” and considers crime to be due not to the perpetrator’s personal responsibility, but to “societal factors” such as “poverty or trauma.”