Leftists Reframe Failure As Triumph

The White House Council of Economic Counselors is already spinning. To them, we’re not in a recession if we revamp it. 

Some say two quarters of decreasing real GDP indicates a recession, but that’s not the official definition of how economists assess a cycle, the allegedly unbiased group stated Thursday. 

Verbal smokescreens and mirrors won’t convince everyday Americans whose grocery expenses are rising as quickly as their petrol tanks.

Many Americans might experience a recession without knowing Q2’s data. The left reinterpreted many concepts to escape the repercussions of its disastrous policies and ideals. 

Democracy and Racism

Democracy is a concept they want to reframe as “uncontested political rule.”

When true democratic mechanisms are at work, including when an elected majority chooses not to pass a pet reform bill, leftists cry out their favorite slogan and call it a “danger to democracy.” 

They’ve smeared our parliamentary system, the Supreme Court, and other parties in our two-party structure. They’re not talking about true democracy. Democracy is reinterpreted when it threatens their authority. 

Racism has also been redefined. It’s no longer discriminatory to treat anyone differently depending on skin color; it’s racist to esteem all humans equally. 

The new liturgy argues for genuine equality by educating some youngsters that they’re part of an oppressive regime and others that they’re oppressed. 

The term “vaccine” has been redefined to encompass the stupidity of those who benefit from them. The CDC revised the definition of “vaccine” when the shot that was supposed to prevent COVID spread and infection failed. 

The phrase “a medication that promotes a person’s immune system to develop resistance to a specific disease” was changed to “a treatment that boosts the body’s immune response against illnesses.”

One week later, Merriam-Webster changed the meaning of “anti-vaxxer” from someone who rejects vaccines to someone who rejects government-mandated COVID doses. 

“A Woman”

Merriam-Webster added “opposite of male” to its definition of “female” as part of the trans-crazed drive to redefine a woman. 

The trend of calling women “pregnant individuals,” “menstruating individuals,” etc., shows this.

We witnessed it when then-Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson couldn’t describe a woman; it’s clear in attempts to place confused men in female prisons, homes, and restrooms. Womanhood is now in the way; so it’s being reinvented. 

Abortion proponents have recently defended killing a fetus in the womb while knowing it takes a human life, but for years, they advanced their goal by degrading an unborn baby as a “clump of cells.” 

Leftists and their friends in Big Tech characterize any dissenting thoughts or views as falsehoods, excluding them from conversation channels. 

Many people know “birthing persons,” “false news,” “anti-racism,” “dangers to democracy,” and other terms are rubbish. George Orwell wrote in 1946, “Political language makes lying sound true and murder legitimate.”

As he stated, giving up words is the worst act one can do. The danger is tolerating unquestioned reality reinterpretations until enough folks forget they may be disputed.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.