Leak Reveals Russia’s True War Losses in Ukraine

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Russian losses in Ukraine)

An online media leak revealed the true scope of Russia’s military losses in its dictator Vladimir Putin’s hellish war to conquer Ukraine.

They are staggering indeed, even by the standards of Moscow’s post-communist lawlessness and well-known disregard for human life.

Leak Confirms War is Devastating Russian Forces

According to the estimates of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as of Tuesday morning, more than 15,300 Russian servicemen have been killed by Ukraine’s defenders.

Last week, an estimate by the US Department of Defense said about 7,000 Russians have been killed in Ukraine, while some 21,000 have been wounded.

However, figures briefly leaked on a Russian government-controlled news media site revealed the real losses of Putin’s military are closer to the Ukrainian estimate. They might even be bigger.

The only official figure out of Russia’s regime came on March 2, more than 20 days ago, with the Russian Defense Ministry admitting to 498 dead soldiers in Ukraine.

As the Russian storming of Ukraine has failed miserably, Putin’s troops are resorting to committing savage war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, even children.

For about an hour on Monday, the news website of Komsomolskaya Pravda, a hardcore pro-Putin tabloid, published an update on the “special operation” in Ukraine.

The update revealed 9,861 Russian soldiers perished in Ukraine; another 16,153 have been wounded.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Russian losses in Ukraine)

At Least 10,000 Russians Killed in Ukraine

The article containing the figures in question was deleted shortly after it was put up. Komsomolskaya Pravda issued an announcement over social media that the publication was the result of a hacking attack.

The swift deletion and the ensuing explanation make it highly plausible those are indeed Moscow’s estimates of its soldier losses in Ukraine. The numbers appear credible, considering what is estimated by other sources.

However, there is also a high degree of probability that even those significant figures of 10,000 killed Russians and 16,000 wounded Russians might be understating the real count.

Such a conclusion could be based on Moscow’s only official message on the dead Russians so far.

Meanwhile, in its own update on the war, on Tuesday morning, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed to have intelligence information showing Russian troops in the country only have supplies – including food, ammunition and fuel – for three more days.

At the same, the miracle of Mariupol, the city of formerly 500,000 people on the coast of the Sea of Azov, is continuing. The vastly outgunned and starved Ukrainians are still managing to repulse the brutal Russian onslaughts.

According to the Ukrainian estimates, besides 15,300 killed troops, Russia has so far lost in Ukraine a total of 509 tanks, 123 attack helicopters, 99 warplanes, and 252 pieces of artillery.

Russian losses also include more than 1,000 vehicles, 1,556 armored personnel carriers, 35 drones, 70 fuel tanks, and 125 rocket launchers of various types.