Kamala Harris Came Close to Death as Key Military Base Breached by Armed Intruders

A fresh incident involving armed intruders breaching a key US military base may have signified a death threat to Vice President Kamala Harris, whose presence in the base almost overlapped with the security breach.

Harris is supposed to go to Eastern Europe later this week, instead of Sleepy Joe, to “scare off” Russian warmongering dictator Vladimir Putin.

Kamala, Pothole Pete, and Other Sleepy Joe Aides Were All There

Harris may have had a near-death experience at Joint Base Andrews, a crucial facility of the US military located in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Two armed intruders at first plowed right through one of its security checkpoints. They then rushed inside with firearms, according to a release from the command of the military facility.

The highly bothering and bewildering incident occurred barely an hour after Kamala Harris and four secretaries from Biden’s Cabinet left Joint Base Andrews, after having landed there on their way back from a trip to Alabama.

Harris, together with the four other Cabinet members – Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Michael Regan – had been to Selma to commemorate “Bloody Sunday”, reported The Daily Mail.

Harris, in particular, left for the national capital on the Marine Two helicopter; according to the authorities, that was just about an hour before the two armed introducers rammed through a base checkpoint and penetrated the base.

While publicly available details of the puzzling incident remain scant, in the ensuing altercation, after the breach, one of the armed intruders got caught and arrested, but the other one somehow got away and is said to remain at large.

The security incident that is said to have nearly missed Kamala Harris being present on the military site must have been very serious, since the breach caused a lockdown lasting for six hours.

‘Intense Situation’

The first intruder, 17, who got arrested and remains in custody was found to be in possession of a firearm.

An investigation into the intrusion of Joint Base Andrews is ongoing; there have been no announcements as to the motives of the two suspects who plowed through one of its checkpoints.

The statement from Joint Base Andrews cited its installation commander, Col. Tyler Schaff, who declared he is “incredibly proud” of how swiftly the defenders of the base reacted to the breach.

They deployed barriers that caused the “stolen vehicle” to stop, leading to the arrest of one of the armed intruders.

Schaff also praised the local authorities who helped the military “handle the intense situation.”

Joint Base Andrews said on Facebook the detainee did have a firearm, but no shots were fired during the bizarre security breach.

There has been no information whatsoever as to whether the two intruders might have been seeking to target Harris, but the fact they invaded the military base roughly at the time when she was present might not have been just a mere coincidence.