Kamala Shocks America’s Allies with Her Chuckle

Vice President Kamala Harris just emitted a particularly intensive and startling outburst of her trademark nervous laughter, right in the midst of a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

It was in reaction to a question about US help to Ukrainian refugees.

With Biden evidently unable to carry out communication-intensive foreign visits, Harris filled in for her allegedly senile boss for a high-profile visit to some of America’s key NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

Terrible Time for Nervous Giggles

The visit by a high-ranking representative of the US government is supposed to demonstrate US commitment to the defense of all 30 member states of the NATO alliance.

This comes at a time when Russia, led by its dictator Vladimir Putin, has been tangled in a full-fledged invasion of its democratic neighbor, Ukraine.

During her news conference alongside Poland’s President Andrzej Duda on Thursday, Harris got asked by a reporter about the potential American support for the Polish handling of fleeing Ukrainian refugees.

The reporter noted Poland’s improvised system for accepting Ukrainian refugees may collapse; the reporter then wondered whether the US would help its ally with refugee infrastructure or funding.

The question didn’t seem hard, but apparently, it was hard for Sleepy Joe’s veep. Kamala was obviously caught off guard like a deer in headlights. She kept quiet for a few moments, seemingly not knowing what to say or do, and she looked towards Polish President Duda.

Duda set off to take up answering the question, at which point Kamala happily noted he was coming to her aid, saying he is a “friend in need.” That was when she let out her trademark nervous giggle.

‘This Woman’ Would Be a ‘Tragedy’ as US President

Kamala later did answer, saying she understood the hard situation of the Polish government with the influx of millions of war refugees from Ukraine.

However, unlike her unremarkable answer, her jolting chuckle seemed to have made an impression shocking the audience, America’s allies, and perhaps even Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin in his nuclear-proof bunker.

Numerous comments on social media by Americans and residents of US allies, such as Poland, said people have been really embarrassed by Kamala’s laughter, with respect to so serious a topic of refugees fleeing from Putin’s massacres.

Perhaps the most notable reaction to the veep’s chuckle came from a former high-ranking Ukrainian official, Iuliia Mendel, who is a former spokeswoman for Ukraine’s heroic President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Following the Harris – Duda press conference, Mendel wrote if “this woman” became president of the United States, “it would be a tragedy”.

To make the situation even more embarrassing for Harris, CNN commentator Chris Cillizaa went on about how this could be Kamala’s “moment”. He may have been partly right; it has turned out to be Kamala’s chuckling moment.