Kamala Pretends She and Sleepy Joe are Too Busy to Care About 2024

Kamala Harris sounds artificial and preposterous as she claims she doesn't even think about the 2024 election. (Shutterstock)

Kamala Harris has just pretended that she and Biden don’t quite care that much about their prospects for the 2024 presidential election.

79-year-old Sleepy Joe, the oldest president in the nearly 250-year history of the American republic, is not appearing as a particularly promising candidate for 2024.

Therefore, there are rumors of a rivalry for the next Democrat nomination between 57-year-old Harris and 39-year-old Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Too Busy to Even Think about It?

In a recent op-ed, political analyst Joe Concha wrote that the potential Democrat presidential candidates are so abysmal Democrats might as well re-nominate 2016 sore loser Hillary Clinton for a 2024 Clinton vs. Trump election rematch.

However, Harris just made a bizarre and likely artificial move; she gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, in which she claimed herself and Sleepy Joe haven’t even mentioned running for re-election in 2024.

As she was pressed by the interviewer on whether Biden himself would be running for a second term, the vice president claimed to be “very honest” when stating they don’t “think about it.”

Harris’ allegations about her and Biden’s possibilities for the 2024 presidential election certainly appear preposterous. She is trying to portray herself as overly concerned about Americans’ well-being at the present moment, so concerned she can’t even stop and think about 2024.

In fact, Kamala’s comments seemed so artificial that they caused the New York Post to exclaim in its headline, “Oh, Kam On!”

At the end of November, a Hill/HarrisX poll revealed Kamala has only 13% support to be the Democrat nominee for 2024, but is still the frontrunner to succeed Joe Biden.

Earlier this week, another Hill/HarrisX poll showed only 20% of voters approve strongly of Kamala’s job performance, while 39% strongly disapprove.

Kamala and Joe are just above it – they care too much for the well-being of the American nation to stop and think about some new presidential election – at least if Kamala is to be believed. (Shutterstock)

Empty Shelves Joe Clinging to Kamala

Meanwhile, Biden’s deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, told reporters on Thursday Sleepy Joe is certain to be running for reelection together with Harris in 2024.

Considering Biden’s very advanced age and his own collapsing approval ratings, the prospect seems to be far-fetched; however, Jean-Pierre’s remarks appear meant to dispel any speculations that if Sleepy Joe attempts to get reelected, he might get rid of Kamala.

Jean-Pierre’s superior, Jen Psaki, also said numerous times that Biden is certain to run again in 2024, or at least that he has “every intention to do so”.

Empty Shelves Joe himself made a declaration to that end as early as March of this year, not long after occupying the White House.

Last month, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden’s close friend and a former Democrat senator of Connecticut, said he hadn’t heard Biden say anything other than he would be seeking reelection.