Kamala, Obama Receive Home Deliveries of Illegal Immigrant Shipments

(Fox News video snapshot shows illegals at the veep's residence in DC.)

Vice President Kamala Harris, who believes the US-Mexican border is secure, received a shipment of illegal immigrants from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The same goes for the luxury Martha’s Vineyard island resort where the family of ex-President Obama and other Democrat elite members reside.

Kamala Learns the Hard Way

Two buses packed with illegal immigrants arrived from Texas right next to Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC on Thursday morning, The Daily Mail reported.

The shipment of more than 100 illegals comes after Biden’s veep claimed, “the border is secure.”

Data from the Customs and Border Protection agency has shown in the first 1.5 years of the Biden presidency, nearly five million illegal immigrants have entered the nation.

The illegal immigrants who arrived at Kamala’s home in Washington, DC were shipped by Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott out of the Eagle Pass sector.

A Fox News report which interviewed newly arrived aliens from Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay said they thought America’s border was open, regardless of Kamala’s claims.

(Fox News video snapshot shows illegals on Martha’s Vineyard island.)

They Will Hardly ‘Embrace’ the Illegals

Earlier, on Wednesday, Florida’s Republican governor “took a page” from the playbook of his Texas counterpart.

He shipped two planeloads of illegal immigrants with charter flights directly to Martha’s Vineyard, among other leftist, woke, and Marxist-Communist big shots, such as Larry David and Oprah Winfrey.

In a special statement, the office of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis “claimed responsibility” for the surprise delivery to the upscale Democratic community in the Atlantic off the coast of Massachusetts.

The statement declared the charter flights packed full of illegal aliens were performed under Florida’s program for relocating “illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.”

It noted that states such as New York, Massachusetts, and California will take “better care” of the “individuals” since they invited illegals to the United States by supporting Sleepy Joe’s “open border policies.”

The release of DeSantis’ office also noted that Florida’s legislature recently approved a $12 million package for the bussing and flying of illegal immigrants to “sanctuary city” destinations.

At least one of the illegal immigrants told a local newspaper, The Martha’s Vineyard Times, that he had no idea where he was.

Speaking on Fox News, former Republican Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joked with the “wealthy liberals” on Martha’s Vineyard, and other “sanctuary” cities and states.

Pompeo said he doubts the rich communist liberals would “embrace” the aliens and these “sanctuary” communities run by the Democrats are only in favor of illegal immigration only until they actually start receiving migrants.

That was demonstrated in practice recently by Chicago’s woke Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who re-shipped illegals sent to her from Texas to a nearby Republican-run community.