Kamala is Now Messing Up Deterring Putin from Attacking Ukraine

Vice President Kamala Harris has been dispatched to Europe to stop Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin from igniting a very big war by attacking Ukraine.

Therefore, she has spent the weekend as the top representative of the United States at the Munich Security Conference, a major international security forum in Germany.

Kamala’s Russia Office

In her official speech to the forum on Saturday, Harris reiterated in strong words the West is going to punish Russia with devastating sanctions if Putin goes ahead and attacks Ukraine.

Yet, on Sunday, Biden’s veep got mixed up in her comments to reporters. In a nutshell, she simultaneously parroted Biden’s warnings from Friday and she argued the Moscow autocrat would be deterred by the threat of sanctions.

Her comments cited by Fox News didn’t make it clear which of the two mutually exclusive assertions is true. Kamala stated the US and Western sanctions would be “some of the greatest, if not the strongest” sanctions that have been imposed.

She reiterated parts from her Saturday speech, explaining such potential punitive measures against Russia would be targeted at both “financial institutions and individuals”.

Harris even went further with her threatening tone for the Kremlin by declaring the sanctions would “exact absolute harm” to the Russian government and economy.

When asked by a reporter whether the threat of US and NATO allies’ sanctions would be sufficient to deter Putin from waging a large-scale war, Kamala gave a tirade elaborating on the united resolve of the West to counteract potential Russian aggression.

The vice president made clear she is convinced the Russian leader will be deterred, largely thanks to the unity of the NATO alliance’s member states.

Putin Already Wasn’t Deterred

Kamala’s comments came after she previously reiterated Biden’s words that Putin already decided to give an order to start a war against Ukraine, and the development in question is just a matter of time.

Further in the reporters’ questions, Kamala got herself tangled up even more, as she was responding to a journalist asking how entangled the United States actually is in the Russia – Ukraine conflict.

When a reporter asked her how America is planning to “disentangle” itself after it slaps sanctions on Russia, Biden’s veep declared “we” don’t think we are entangled in the conflict.

She insisted America is just standing with our allies, then went on to argue the Russia – Ukraine standoff is incredibly significant because there has been peace in Europe for more than 70 years.

Her assertion isn’t really correct, as the better part of that period was the tense Cold War between the West, the former Soviet Union, and its satellites; then, there were the bloody wars in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia all through the 1990s.

Kamala concluded her comments by trying to elaborate on how we want a “diplomatic end to this moment”.