Kamala is Getting Stood Up, Snapped at By Biden

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is apparently humiliating his veep, Kamala Harris, on a regular basis.

She is getting stood up a lot on his promises to have lunch with her weekly. At one point, Biden even snapped at her viciously in front of members of Congress, reports a new book.

No More Sleepy Joe Lunch Dates for Kamala

As Sleepy Joe occupied the White House last January, he vowed to keep a tradition started by his ex-boss, Barack Obama.

This tradition has the president and vice president eat lunch together once every week. The idea of top-level lunches is supposedly to keep a close personal relationship and coordinate seamlessly on policy matters.

However, Kamala is increasingly getting stood up by her seemingly senile boss, a report by RealClearPolitics shows, examining the Democrat president’s schedules.

One of those was on February 8, and the other occurred on March 30.

The former came amid the scramble for a new liberal Supreme Court Justice nominee to replace Stephen Breyer. The latter came after Sleepy Joe nearly started a world war with Russia by calling for Putin’s ouster during a trip to Poland.

The report shows the Biden-Harris weekly lunches became ever rarer – first biweekly, and then monthly, and now once every two months.

Kamala may actually be falling in disrepute with her boss. Early last year, Biden told media he had great hopes for her, wished to see her partake in “everything” he does as president, and to be the “last person” leaving the room.


Humiliating Her Further

Seeking to dispel the suspicions about the deteriorating relationship between the president and his veep, Chris Meagher, a deputy press secretary at the White House, claimed Biden and Harris are constantly in touch with one another.

He also claimed the missing lunches don’t mean anything. Meagher ranted about how much Biden relies on Harris for “friendship, partnership, and counsel.”

However, Kamala Harris’ humiliation by her seemingly senile boss doesn’t end with getting stood up for White House lunches.

In a highly embarrassing incident last spring, Biden actually viciously snapped at Kamala in the presence of members of Congress; he did it so harshly that he stunned GOP senators.

This has been revealed by an excerpt from a new book by two New York Times reporters entitled “This Will Not Pass.”

According to the book authors, during a meeting in late May 2021, Kamala thought something was “missing” from the bill in question. She then began arguing in favor of expanding it.

However, she was swiftly cut short by Sleepy Joe who dismissed her ideas in a very disrespectful manner.

Both Sleepy Joe and Kamala’s performances have been highly questionable at best, but apparently, the veep is taking it from all sides, as even her boss seems to be humiliating her.