Kamala Harris’ Ratings Are Worse Than Biden’s and His Figures Are Dismal

The most recent survey conducted by Quinnipiac found that President Biden had a favorable rating of 35 percent among the American people.

If you think this is not good, consider that his job approval rating is only 31%. That’s even worse. 

Just to highlight a couple of important demographic subgroups, 63 percent of voters under the age of 35 and a whopping 70 percent of Hispanic voters are opposed to his job performance. 

Trump Over Biden?

This is a somewhat troubling development as we head into the upcoming elections. It’s quite alarming that erstwhile President Trump, who is currently the focus of court proceedings, has a better rating than Biden.

It is even more alarming that the proceedings have a plethora of voters convinced that Trump committed a felony; just 44 percent of voters believe he didn’t commit any offense.

Trump has better approval numbers in this poll and leads Biden in seven of the last eight survey results that asked the question.

In the meantime, 71 percent of people and 54 percent of Democrats believe Biden should not seek reelection. 

It is pretty obvious that people in the United States are unhappy with how Biden is leading the country. The public’s opinion of Biden has not improved, despite concerns about rising prices and general pessimism regarding the economy.

If Democrats are questioned on why they want a new candidate in 2024, they are just as likely to mention the president’s age as they are to say they are dissatisfied with the job he is doing.

Kamala Harris

The question now is, what will happen if Joe Biden decides not to run for reelection? Some people might believe Kamala Harris is the most obvious candidate, as the sitting vice president. 

However, according to this poll, her favorable rating is nine points worse than Biden’s, coming in at only 26 percent.

In her defense, a significant number of people (22 percent) claim they “really haven’t heard enough” concerning her to form an opinion; yet, this is a very meager commendation for a vice president who has a favorable rating of only 50 percent. 

It’s almost funny to think that the first black woman to hold the office of vice president has a lower favorability rating among black people (48 percent compared to 61 percent for Biden), women (36 percent compared to 43 percent for Biden), and Democrats (61 percent compared to 79 percent for Biden).

Her ratings are lower than the white male who has held the office of president with the lowest approval rating in the annals of polling history. In the end, Kamala Harris has been a colossal failure.

If the Democrats want to win the election in 2024 sans Joe Biden, they are going to have to go beyond Washington for a contender who is less offensive to the general public.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.