Kamala Harris Messes Up Again

The White House hasn’t been clean since Biden took office. There is so much crime, corruption, and filth under every nook and cranny that it’s a wonder the place hasn’t been condemned and fumigated.

Lately, Biden and all his subjects have been sweeping so much dirt under the rug that there’s no more room to hide the misdeeds.

A big part of this awful idiocy and lies is Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been a constant embarrassment and disgrace to the American people.

Kamala Craps the Bed

Harris has no preparation at all. We are already tired of her throwing up words that have nothing to do with the horrible actions of the Biden administration.

Her latest gaffe, however, wasn’t due to words, but was instead due to actions.

During the National Urban League’s annual conference, Harris, upon entering the stage, immediately took off her mask to greet Randall Woodfin, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama.

You may be wondering what’s so interesting about this; it’s no longer mandatory to wear masks.

Though the point is that Joe Biden is down with COVID, and Harris, being a person close to the president, may be a possible transmission vector for the virus.

According to CDC guidelines, Harris should be making uninterrupted use of the mask in situations like this and any other that is present with more people around her. She herself has done more than enough grandstanding about this.

Harris’ Hijinks Are Dangerous For Our Country

Leave aside that cloth masks don’t even stop COVID and keep in mind that if other people have to wear them, then Harris should have to as well.

I think we can all agree, however, that with or without a mask, Harris poses a threat to our country.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, and Ashish Jha, Biden’s COVID response coordinator, were bombarded with questions by reporters regarding Harris not wearing the mask as required by CDC.

In the video, it is clear the embarrassment in which Jha spends trying to answer what has no answer.

Embarrassed by the whole situation, he pleads for help from Jean-Pierre, who in the end, got in the way of what he said without having a congruent answer. It doesn’t stop there.

More Idiocy

As soon as Biden was diagnosed with COVID, he was photographed without a mask in a room where he should have also been following CDC protocols, since there was someone else in the room with him: in this case, the photographer himself.

Jean-Pierre was asked about the episode. Her response was that Biden took off the mask for the photo, so people could see his face while he was working. What?

These people are a complete joke.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.