Kamala Harris Does Some Next-level Virtue Signaling

"Kamala Harris" by Gage Skidmore

During her meeting with disability leaders in the country, Vice President Kamala Harris introduced herself in an unorthodox fashion, presenting her pronouns right after her name, and claiming herself to be a woman in a blue suit.

What impact her attire had on the meeting is beyond me.

It’s quite possible that just about everyone else in the room felt that way too; albeit given her political affiliation, one can’t blame her for trying to get on the liberals’ good side.

“Kamala Harris” by Gage Skidmore

Joe might not be the only one off his rocker

Harris thereafter added that she was meeting with parties willing to discuss justice, equality, and freedom, once again pandering to the radical left’s narrative that the three aforementioned concepts are scarce in today’s America.

The meeting was held in order for Harris and the disability leaders to discuss the latest decision made by the Supreme Court.

This is yet another iteration of the latest updates to abortion laws, albeit this time it applies to the disabled populace in the US.

Harris claimed the Dobbs decision was directly infringing on a constitutional right these American citizens have. Issues like this must be tackled right away to prevent or at least soften the blow they may have on the impacted groups, she said.

The vice president then announced she’ll be adding some points to the overall agenda in order to outline any issues of the direct impact the Dobbs decision may have on people with disabilities.

Dystopian way of talking

Despite Kamala’s claims, access to reproductive care is still legal in the US, at least in the cases where it’s absolutely necessary.

However, there are some states passing anti-abortion laws with zero exceptions for rape and incest. Walk-in abortions are still legal in most left-leaning states, though.

What’s more, Kamala described the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade overturn as an extremist motion, once again reiterating the supposed impact these “radical” changes may have on disabled people in the US.

The left’s dedication to smearing anything and anyone even remotely related to the political right-wing in the US is remarkable.

It is surpassed only by their absurd new-age manner of speaking and the avalanche of rules that come along with it.

On that topic, all the other parties present at the convention introduced themselves just like the vice president did, explaining their pronouns to all the others present and stating the obvious like their hair color and the clothes they were wearing.

One of the women even felt the need to tell everyone she was wearing a clear face mask to “show off her red lips,” turning an otherwise serious convention about a very lackluster issue into a scene straight out of The Fifth Element.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.