Kamala Can Vote Herself on Supreme Court if Biden Nominates Her

In a technically legal, but morally questionable, maneuver on the part of Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris can now actually vote to elect herself as the next member of the Supreme Court.

The bizarre and unprincipled scenario in question is not just possible, but now quite likely. 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the three liberal members of SCOTUS, just announced he will be retiring.

Forced Out by Leftists Scared of the Midterms

Breyer’s retirement will come at the end of June, meaning Biden will have to nominate a new SCOTUS member to fill the vacancy.

Various reports reveal for at least about a year now, Breyer has been under intense pressure by the progressives to retire “in time” so he can quickly be replaced by another liberal justice.

Apparently, far-leftists have been terrified at the thought of a repeat where a liberal justice passes and gets replaced by a conservative justice. After all, it is highly likely that Republicans will sweep not just the Senate, but also the House, in the 2022 midterm elections.

At present, the Senate is evenly divided; the razor-thin, Democrat majority is based solely on the tie-breaking vote of Senate President Kamala Harris.

Therefore, if Sleepy Joe nominates Kamala to become a Supreme Court justice, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans against, Kamala herself could cast the tie-breaking vote to elect herself to SCOTUS.

Defund the Police Supporter vs. Kamala Harris

During his presidential campaign in March 2020, Biden promised to nominate a black woman to sit on the Supreme Court; there have been reports his most likely nominee is Sherrilyn Ifill, a civil rights lawyer from the NAACP.

Far-left Marxists, who have practically been calling the shots in Biden’s administration, are pressuring him to nominate her. Ifill backed the Defund the Police movement; this movement is now leading to spiking crime waves in communities where Democrats are in charge.

However, the nomination has yet to be made official. Vice President Kamala Harris also fits Biden’s race and gender-based nomination promise.

Harris might be a tempting choice for another reason as well. It would literally get rid of her for the 2024 election while giving her a “dignified” way out. After all, her job performance has been abysmal and her popularity is quite low.

Apparently, there are no legal hurdles to a scenario in which Biden nominates Harris to serve on the Supreme Court; she, as president of the Senate, can cast the decisive vote to make that happen.

Political science professor Sarah Binder from George Washington University noted, as quoted by Fox News, the US Constitution “doesn’t place any conditions” on what kinds of ties the president of the Senate can break.

Meanwhile, Kamala is presently busy getting together with Honduran anti-Semite communists. Since Sleepy Joe recently told her he loves her, it might even be her decision, and not just her vote, that gets her on the Supreme Court.