‘Kabul Joe’ Claims 13 Troops He Got Killed Were Inevitable Casualties

Democrat President Joe Biden has indicated that he remains clueless on what he did wrong with the disastrous Afghanistan pullout. (Shutterstock)

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August executed under the command of Democrat President Biden is universally viewed by experts of all political persuasions as an unmitigated disaster for the United States in foreign and security policy.

Biden single-handedly lost the 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan by surrendering it to the radical Islamist Taliban. Biden then caused the swift collapse of the Afghan government and security forces.

He has not only squandered all the progress America made to date against global terrorism, but Biden also largely shattered the credibility of the United States in the views of friends and foes alike.

The Afghanistan catastrophe earned Biden, another nickname besides “Sleepy Joe” and “Empty Shelves Joes” – “Kabul Joe.”

Biden Has No Idea How Casualties Could’ve Been Avoided

One of the most hurtful episodes for the United States in Biden’s Afghanistan debacle was the absolutely needless killing of a total of 13 US troops.

This happened after an Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber attacked the chaotic crowd at the airport in Kabul, also murdering some 200 Afghan civilians. During an interview, Biden claimed none of his top military commanders advised against the withdrawal.

However, in subsequent congressional testimonies, both Marine General Frank McKenzie and Gen. Mark Milley said they recommended keeping a force of several thousand US troops to prevent Afghanistan’s re-conquest by the Taliban.

US troops fought the Taliban and other Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan for 20 years, only to have their progress squandered by Joe Biden in no time. (Shutterstock)

In a new comment on Monday, Kabul Joe seemingly implied there was no way the demises of the 13 US troops could have been avoided.

Talking to Rita Braver, a CBS News correspondent, Biden stated while “everybody says” he could have gotten out of Afghanistan without anybody being hurt, he apparently has no idea how this could have been achieved.

The Biden administration created perfect conditions for suicide terrorist attacks, such as the one that got the 13 US troops killed at the Kabul Airport.

Total Loss of US Intelligence Capabilities vs. Islamist Terrorism

Meanwhile, last week, Gen. Frank McKenzie declared due to Biden’s pullout and the collapse of the Afghan government, the United States lost almost 100% of its capabilities for tracing Islamist terrorists in the region.

Those include al-Qaeda (which carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC) and ISIS (or the Islamist State), the group which is more radical than al-Qaeda and its allies, the Taliban (and whose suicide bomber killed the 13 US troops at the airport in Kabul).

McKenzie declared with US troops and the Afghan government out of the picture, it was “clear” al-Qaeda is putting efforts into rebuilding itself in Afghanistan.

The Marine general, as cited by AP, said Islamist militants are pouring into the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan through the country’s “porous borders.” However, US intelligence doesn’t really have a way to count them or otherwise gather information about their activities and plans.

According to McKenzie, America is down to 1% or 2% of the capacities it had to monitor radical Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan’s region, as a result of the Biden pullout.

It will be “very hard” to guarantee one of the large terrorist networks, such as ISIS or al-Qaeda, won’t be able to use the country as a base for new attacks against America.

While the Taliban have been long-term allies of al-Qaeda – which makes it all the more outrageous that Biden surrendered to them, the CENTCOM chief said ISIS has been particularly revitalized.

The Taliban regime set free thousands of ISIS terrorists from Afghanistan’s prisons, which seems like nothing but a giant cause of concern for the United States.