Biden’s PR Stunt with the Jonas Brothers Flops Big Time

Biden's PR tricks with media and social media appearances have hardly boosted his ratings. (Shutterstock)

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden must be getting quite desperate. He keeps coming up with bizarre publicity stunts that either fall short of the desired effect or just backfire altogether.

Sleepy Joe’s public approval ratings are still estimated to hover somewhere “in the low 40s” by left-leaning pollsters, although those are hardly very realistic.

The most scathing and plausible recent poll that dares to directly pose the question about Biden’s approval was a USA Today poll from early November, which put him at 38%.

Resorting to Cheap PR Stunts

With the Biden administration stirring major crises in all key policy areas, and with no tangible wins for Biden, his aides appear to be resorting to “self-irony” and social media appearances.

Desperate for ratings, Sleepy Joe has now resorted to serving as the Jonas Brothers’ cameraman. (Shutterstock)

Never mind all of that. Sleepy Joe, or, rather, his PR strategists, have done it again. This time, Biden just appeared in a TikTok video with the Jonas Brothers pop group, with the video supposedly designed to promote COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.

The Cringiest Video of All Time

The video has Biden shown “unexpectedly” as a cameraman for 29-year-old Nick, 32-year-old Joe, and 34-year-old Kevin. It’s actually been met on Twitter with ridicule, as it has been met with “sadness” over how embarrassing and pathetic the whole PR stunt looks.

In the TikTok video, the New Jersey trio is shown asking one another in loud voices if they’ve been vaccinated. When all three Jonas Brothers confirm, Nick lip syncs, “who’s the president,” to which Kevin and Joe spring up behind him, saying that it’s “Byron.”

The pop singers then sit on a couch, and Joe asks what they want to tell “Joe Byron”. “What up, baby?” Kevin says. “Take me to dinner,” Nick replies in turn.

At this point, the trio is shown dropping the act, and Kevin askes somebody whether they got it on video. The camera then turns to Joe Biden himself holding an iPhone, and stating, “Yes, we got it!”, with a bizarre smile on his face.

The video was published on Twitter by Jonathan Herbert, the White House video director. He said his team “did a little thing” with the Jonas Brothers, and told everything to “get boosted.”

The overwhelming number of reactions on Twitter to the Sleepy Joe – Jonas Brothers “collaboration” say there was nothing funny about it and it was actually pretty “embarrassing”.

Besides comments expressing the COVID-19 booster video was “not good at all”, the response section was also filled with tweets saying Biden shouldn’t be doing videos with celebrities, but should be getting to work in order to make student loan forgiveness happen.

At present, there is a student loan moratorium until January 31, 2022.