Joe Says Jill – or Michelle – Was Obama’s Veep in Latest Big Time Gaffe

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has recently been deploying his evermore embarrassing gaffes on the world stage.

This comes notwithstanding the risk of a nuclear war with Putin, but Biden isn’t abandoning the home front.

Biden Doesn’t Know He Was Obama’s Veep

Over the weekend, Sleepy Joe praised his wife Jill Biden for work that she did as “vice president” of Barack Obama.

Either this or Biden was praising Michelle Obama, who was supposedly “vice president” of Barack Obama, since both Jill and Michelle were mentioned in that sentence.

Biden’s gaffe was so ambiguously worded that it’s impossible to tell exactly who he thinks was the vice president of Barack Obama.

Of course, the double gaffe is particularly striking; neither Jill Biden nor Michelle Obama was the vice president at the time.

It certainly was Sleepy Joe himself who knowingly, or perhaps unwittingly, “served” as Barack Obama’s veep for eight full years, from 2009 until 2017. Although, he appears to have forgotten that in his latest senility onslaught.

More specifically, Biden declared he is “deeply proud” of whatever his First Lady is doing, the so-called “Joining Forces initiative.”

He said it was Jill Biden who started the initiative “with Michelle Obama when she was vice president” – with the “vice-presidential” clause in the sentence referring to either Jill or Michelle Obama.

It remains unclear why Joe Biden’s brain thought he should mention Jill or Michelle as a former vice president of the United States.

He was giving a speech at a special ceremony to commission the newest nuclear submarine of the US Navy, which was held in Wilmington, Delaware, the hometown and home state of the Bidens.

The submarine was named the USS Delaware and Jill Biden was declared its sponsor. Her 79-year-old husband was lauding her for her committed work to military families since the time he – as the world remembers – was vice president for eight years.

In particular, Joe praised Jill for being a World War II Navy signalman’s daughter, the mother of a Delaware National Guard member, i.e. his son Beau Biden, and the grandmother of kids whose father was deployed away, as Beau Biden did a year-long tour in Iraq in 2008-2009.

The Democrat president stated his First Lady “always holds in her heart” the American military and their families.

Putin Gaffe from Poland Comes Back to Haunt Biden

In the last couple of weeks, Biden brought the world to the brink of World War III and/or a nuclear war by blurting out bizarre comments which could’ve been interpreted by Russia’s murderous dictator, Vladimir Putin, as a major form of aggression against his regime and rule.

Biden did that with three gaffes. First, he told US service personnel based in Poland they would be going into Ukraine, just as it is being mauled by Putin’s brutes.

Secondly, he suggested the United States may deploy chemical weapons against Russia. Third, he called for so-called “regime change” in Moscow by saying Putin cannot be allowed to “remain in power.”

Later, back in the US, Biden explained he was just expressing his moral outrage, not calling for Putin’s toppling. This was all before he suggested the US is training Ukrainian troops in Poland.

That third gaffe from Biden’s visit to Poland, however, came back to haunt him again during the USS Delaware commissioning ceremony.

On his way out of the ceremony, reporters were shouting questions as to whether he “wants Putin removed” from power in Russia. Before getting into the motorcade, Sleepy Joe just managed to yell, “No!”