Joe Rogan is Warning Americans Against Using TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps of our time. Many people use TikTok to create reels, fun videos, and otherwise have a good time. Even businesses are using TikTok to promote their brands and draw in new customers.

Users of TikTok sometimes go viral and can even create entire followings based on how they utilize their accounts. However, every rose has its thorns.

As it turns out TikTok’s connections to China have been an issue for quite some time. There are privacy concerns about what TikTok users are really signing on for when they agree to the app’s terms and services.

Now, podcast host Joe Rogan is warning about the dangers of using TikTok, per Washington Examiner.

Rogan on Why Americans Shouldn’t Use TikTok

During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan went into detail about what he finds to be problematic regarding TikTok. Specifically, this deals with the platform’s terms and services agreement.

One partial section that Rogan called “crazy” is TikTok gathering information about the device its users are operating to access the platform.

The user region, IP address, time zone, device model, mobile carrier, etc., are each things TikTok has access to once people agree to its terms and services.

Rogan then explained on his podcast that TikTok can see the files and keystrokes of its users as well. Given its ownership under ByteDance, a Chinese company, Rogan warned TikTok is simply a gateway for China to be able to fully surveil Americans.

The podcast host even went as far as warning this is the explicit purpose for which TikTok was created.

Growing Tensions With China

China is far from a friend or ally to the United States. In fact, the communist regime has been actively spying on America, even purchasing land within this country.

China also remains in direct competition with the United States and there are concerns about what the communist regime could possibly have on the current president and his family.

All things considered, the last thing anyone should be doing is willingly handing over their private information to China. There’s no telling what all China could do with this data or how it could ultimately be used against the United States.

Users of TikTok may do well to rethink their activity on the app and at what cost it may generate later down the line. Plenty of other apps exist that aren’t in the pocket of the Chinese communist regime.

What are your thoughts on this new revelation regarding the terms and services agreement on TikTok? Do you believe the company is secretly collecting data on Americans and handing it over to the Chinese regime? In the comments area, let us know.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.