Joe Calls Kamala ‘First Lady’ as ‘Second Lady’ Emhoff Gets COVID

The world may be burning with wars and epidemics, but President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is certain to make fresh and reinvigorating gaffes.

He just called his equally questionable veep, Kamala Harris, “First Lady”, and right at a time when Harris’ husband got infected with COVID-19.

To top it off, Sleepy Joe also described Harris’ husband Emhoff as “the Second Lady” and then as the “First Gentleman”.

Mixing Up Jill and Kamala

Biden has previously spoken about how much he “loves” Kamala Harris. Sleepy Joe’s latest gaffe came on Tuesday as he was giving remarks at the White House on Equal Pay Day.

That was shortly after announcements that Kamala Harris’ husband, “Second Gentleman” Doug Emhoff, tested positive for the coronavirus, while Biden’s veep herself tested negative.

Sleepy Joe’s reference to Kamala Harris as the First Lady, and his ensuing joke about it, was caught on tape in a 22-minute video of the Equal Pay Day event on CSPAN.

A seemingly slow-moving Biden introduced himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” and he said he was “proud” of that.

A little later into his remarks, he noted “a little change” in “who is on the stage,” since the “first lady’s husband” contracted COVID-19.

At that point, somebody from the audience to Biden’s right side interrupted him to tell him about the gaffe, leading to a round of laughter.

Sleepy Joe reacted by walking off the podium to the right a little bit, and gesturing to his wife Jill while saying, “she’s fine.”

Then, he quipped it could be “the first gentleman” who got infected, i.e. himself, and asked the audience, “How about that?”

Shortly before 6 pm on Tuesday, the White House announced Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, had gotten infected with COVID-19. Kamala herself spent the day with Joe Biden, which may have been the reason he called her the “First Lady”.

Emhoff’s Many Titles: Second Lady or First Gentleman

However, mixing up Kamala with his wife Jill wasn’t Sleepy Joe’s only gaffe in his Equal Pay Day remarks.

In fact, when he continued his remarks, Biden referred to Douglas Emhoff as the “Second Lady,” only to correct himself wrongly by calling Emhoff the “First Gentleman.”

By that point, Sleepy Joe was on fire. He continued by confusing the name of his own Ambassador to the United Nations; he called Linda Thomas-Greenfield “Linda Thomas-Greenhouse,” before correcting himself, this time correctly.

This is certainly not the first time he styled the US Ambassador to the UN “Greenhouse.” In another embarrassing episode in his remarks, Biden got mixed up about his own Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm.

He first presented her as a former governor of Michigan, which is correct, but he wasn’t sure about it; at this point, he said he was “wrong” and tried to think of which state it was.