Jill Treats Joe Biden Like Child in Easter Hot Mic Blunders

(Snapshot shows moment Jill tells Joe, “Waive!”, on hot mic)

The cognitive “situation” of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden must indeed be serious.

He is literally getting told what to do every step of the way by his wife Jill. This was revealed by a couple of shocking hot mic incidents during the 2022 Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

Concerns about the cognitive abilities and the mental state of Sleepy Joe have been mounting as a result of his constant gaffes and blunders when appearing in public.

In some of the most notable recent ones, Biden came close to causing a nuclear war with Russia by exposing US troops training Ukrainian forces in Poland.

First Hot Mic Incident: ‘Wave… D**m It!’

However, the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday offered the American public more shocks.

First Lady Jill Biden was caught on hot mic at least twice giving her disoriented husband one-word directions, even orders as to what he should be doing at the respective moment.

In the second of the two hot mic incidents, Jill Biden wasn’t even trying to hide what she was doing. She might as well have been aware her not-so-subtle directions would be heard; she didn’t exactly care to whisper to her husband, who tends to wander off.

The first hot mic incident of Jill Biden telling Sleepy Joe what to do was at the end of his Easter Egg Roll speech from the balcony of the White House.

The footage showed Joe Biden, together with Jill, and two Easter Bunnies, who were revealed to be employees of the White House communications team.

After the end of his speech from the White House balcony, the two Easter Bunnies – a male and a female – as well as Jill Biden start waving, but Joe only clapped at himself.

It is at this point the First Lady can be heard on the hot mic whispering through her teeth twice, “Wave! Wave!”, as she keeps smiling and waving herself.

Sleepy Joe then does comply, but he only waves once, or, rather, just raises his hand in the air as he is about to walk off.

(Snapshot shows moment Jill tells Joe, “Okay! Just stay!” on hot mic)

Second Hot Mic Incident: She’s ‘the Teacher’

The second hot mic incident on Monday was after Jill and Joe Biden’s Easter Egg Roll readout of a children’s book on the White House lawn.

As the reading is completed, the First Lady can be heard quite audibly telling the presumed “leader of the Free World” to “Stay. Just stay!”

Both of them are sitting and she may be concerned he is about to stand up and wander off again. The direction or order is accompanied by a respective hand motion on Jill Biden’s part.

At this point, Biden’s awareness kicks in, and he tries to make a joke about how she is telling him to “sit” because “she is a teacher.”

They have some laughs to cover up the embarrassing moment, as does the audience of children.

Jill then plays on his joke by verifying she is “the teacher” – and evidently the primary caretaker of an increasingly senile Democrat who’s been occupying the White House for nearly 15 months now.

In yet another painful-to-watch embarrassment for Joe Biden during Monday’s Easter Egg Roll, he was ushered mercilessly by a female Easter Bunny.

This Easter Bunny turned out to be a dressed-up member of the White House team, another person tasked with being a caretaker for Sleepy Joe.