Jill Biden Humiliates Free World By Begging Bloodthirsty Putin to End War

Jill Biden, the caretaker First Lady of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, decided it would be a wise move to actually beg Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator, Vladimir Putin, to end the war in Ukraine.

‘Mr. Putin, Please – Ukrainian Mothers Told Me It’s Bad’

Jill Biden’s rationale for saying “Please, Mr. Putin” seems to be largely based on the fact that war, naturally, hurts mothers and their children.

Only, the First Lady’s team seems to have missed too much information about the Russian tyrant. The past 22 years of Putin being in power shows begging him not to kill people is like begging a pedophile rapist not to rape children.

Jill Biden’s plea to the hardly existing human side of “Mr. Putin,” asking him to just stop the war, came in the form of an essay published by none other than CNN.

As she recounted her interaction with Ukrainian families suffering from the barbaric invasion of Ukraine by Putin and his murderous hordes, Jill Biden also recalled her meeting with Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, in Ukraine’s Uzhgorod.

It is in the very last line of her essay that Jill Biden begs “Mr. Putin” to “please end” what she calls a “senseless and brutal war.”

Pleading for Mercy with KGB-Grown Monster

Jill Biden’s essay, on the other hand, appears like a pathetic plea to a KGB-grown monster used to killing to achieve his riches and other ungodly desires.

Jill Biden’s pathetic begging of Putin to stop the war against Ukraine is reflective of the position of weakness that her husband’s administration has placed America.

Yet, it does contradict one of the few honest and strong comments that Biden has made so far in his White House term, when, a year ago, he called Putin “a killer.”

Clearly ignoring horrifying revelations about mass-scale assassinations, torture, rapes of men, women, children, and elderly committed in Ukraine by Russian troops, Jill Biden’s essay speaks about how her Ukrainian counterpart told her Ukrainian women and children need psychological aid to cope with what Russia has done to them.

As of Thursday, the United Nations confirmed at least 7,000 civilian victims of Putin’s war in Ukraine.  The real figure is likely much, much bigger, with those murdered by the Russians in the coastal city of Mariupol believed to be in excess of 20,000.

It remains unclear what the Biden administration, Jill Biden’s office, and CNN have been hoping to achieve by having her directly beg Putin.

He is described by some Russian opposition exiles as a “cannibal” because he is eager to kill those that dare to oppose him.

However, Jill’s essay is typical of the naivete of the Marxist-Communist left with respect to the likes of the West’s enemies, such as Putin.

Her pathetic plea may give the Moscow tyrant a good laugh – if he even ever hears about it, considering his regime’s information bubble.