Book Reveals Jill Biden Hated Kamala as Sleepy Joe’s Running Mate

A silent war seems to have been brewing at the helm of the Democratic Party and the Biden administration.

A new book reveals that First Lady Jill Biden hated the choice of Kamala Harris as Biden’s vice president, even ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Secret Conflict Exposed by Lefty Reporters

The secret conflict between Jill and Kamala was exposed by a new book called, “This Will Not Pass” authored by New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin.

The animosity between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris is likely quite real, and it might even be tangibly worse than the book shows.

The book is going to be officially released on May 3, but excerpts have already emerged in some media outlets.

Biden and his veep Kamala Harris have literally been competing as to which one of them can amass a greater, more embarrassing record of speech gaffes and public blunders, not to mention highly questionable policies.

Both have been struggling with dwindling ratings, but 79-year-old Sleepy Joe dismissed the possibility of not having Kamala as his running mate again.

In a bizarre public appearance several weeks ago, he even told Harris how much he loves her. More recently, Biden described her, not Jill, as “the First Lady”.

That can’t have landed well on his wife, Jill Biden, as the book claims Jill hated Kamala’s presence on Joe Biden’s presidential ticket from the very start.

According to the book, Jill was thrown off by Harris blasting Biden on his civil rights record, while the future veep was still in the competition for the 2020 nomination of the Democratic Party.

Jill Biden’s precise words quoted by the NYT reporters revealed she was wondering “why” “someone who attacked Joe” had to be selected as his running mate, out of all “the millions of people” in America.

When Kamala Truly Hurt Joe Before the Election

Poor, confused Jill’s wondering then raises once again the question of how someone like Kamala Harris ended up as the vice presidential candidate.

Was it simply because of her sex (“gender” as modern-day Marxism would have it) and her ethnicity?

Then again, asking why Kamala ended up on the Democrats’ presidential ticket would also require asking how Sleepy Joe ended up there as well; there are no good answers there, either.

The case in which Harris hurt Biden the most was during a debate in June 2019, in Miami, Florida.

She insinuated her future boss was a racist, as she criticized his opposition back in the 1970s, when he was still a young senator, to bussing, a method for racial integration in public schools.

An indication that animosity between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris might be a real war was shared by Michael Larosa, Jill Biden’s spokesman, as cited in the news article report.

Instead of flatly denying any conflict between Jill and Kamala, Larosa told Politico there will be “many books” written about the 2020 presidential election with “countless retellings of the events.”

Larosa added that Jill Biden’s team and the First Lady herself “do not plan” to offer comments on any of those allegations.

This seems to confirm the Jill – Kamala war.