International Travelers Arriving in United States Facing New Rules

At this point, most folks have heard about omicron, the latest strain of the infamous COVID virus. Apparently, the variant originated in South Africa and then gradually spread its way across the rest of the globe.

Reports indicate omicron first materialized in the United States from within the state of California. This is fascinating, especially considering that California has some of the strictest COVID vaccine passports and mask mandates in the whole country.

On top of that, the traveler who tested positive for the omicron strain of COVID was also completely immunized against the disease. Nevertheless, in the wake of this latest variant, international travelers arriving in the United States are going to be subject to some new changes, as Fox News confirms.

Reviewing the New Rules for International Travelers

Beginning on Monday, December 6, travelers arriving in America from other nations will have to show a negative COVID test within 24 hours of them leaving.

Furthermore, this requirement will extend to all travelers. That includes even travelers who are completely vaccinated and also those who are American citizens. The Biden administration made this announcement on Thursday, amid the emergence of the omicron variant of COVID.

On Thursday, Biden also declared “experts” have predicted more cases of the omicron variant will emerge in the United States in the days and weeks to come. He also stated the COVID vaccines are the best means of defense against this new strain of the virus.

Reactions to the New Announcment

News of the Biden administration implementing this change starting Monday cause quite a stir on social media. Some Americans criticized Biden, stating that making vaccinated people show their papers isn’t fair.

Others questioned why Biden was so hasty to implement new travel restrictions when omicron seems to be a fairly mild strain of the virus. Thus far, the White House isn’t giving any real answers to these questions.

Health officials and others told people that getting the COVID vaccine was critical to getting back to normal. Yet, time and time again, even people who have gotten the vaccine are being told to do more.

Now, vaccinated people are hearing they need to get booster shots. For the foreseeable future, any international travelers, including fully vaccinated American citizens, are going to have to show a test proving they’re negative for COVID within one day of their flight back to the United States.

It should be interesting to see the additional ways in which the government and healthcare officials move the goalposts. Who knows what will come next if new variants somehow magically appear?

What do you think about the federal government implementing new restrictions for international travelers, including American citizens who are completely vaccinated against the coronavirus?