Hunter Biden May Finally Be Held Accountable

"Biden Family" by Phillip Ashlock

There may have finally come a time when Hunter Biden is no longer above the law.

Recently, there’s been talks of federal prosecutors looking into the president’s son’s files. He may be facing dozens of charges, ranging from tax evasion to providing fraudulent information in order to obtain a firearm.

The prosecutor behind the brave step into the unknown is Delaware US Attorney David Weiss. He is looking to hold Hunter accountable for his tax crimes and multiple acts of possible foreign lobbying.

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Daddy can’t bail you out forever

Further reports showed investigators narrowed the charges down to fraudulent tax claims and an avalanche of gun-related crimes; albeit the golden boy’s laptop contained enough incriminating content to lock him up for the rest of his life.

The gun charges in question come as Hunter purchased a firearm during the time when he legally wouldn’t be allowed to do so, considering it happened shortly after he’d acknowledged his drug addiction struggles.

Despite claiming dozens of times he would be quitting the usage of hard drugs, Hunter keeps surfacing in self-recorded videos of him smoking “crack” while very clearly inebriated, leaving quite the mess for Joe to clean up.

However, as it turns out, there were still prosecutors willing to go above and beyond for the truth to be revealed. Some officials stated the investigation spanning several years had finally reached a critical point at the end of last month.

Rockstar or president’s son? Hunter just can’t seem to choose

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice has found itself between a rock and a hard place, due to its own policy about not bringing in politically sensitive cases within two months of an election.

Although Hunter may not fall under this rule, as he’s not on the ballot.

As expected, there are still some hurdles to cross.

Some department officials believe the defense will actually use Hunter’s crack addiction in his favor, claiming he may not have even been aware of his crimes if he was under the influence of illegal substances.

This prompted a continuation of the investigation until the department has enough evidence to work with to properly file any applicable charges.

This doesn’t mean the president himself won’t be doing everything in his power to make sure Hunter walks.

Additionally, not included in the latest news regarding the investigation, Hunter could also be facing federal charges related to prostitution.

That’s mainly due to the dozens of graphic images being recovered from his laptop, one of which even sees him weighing a massive amount of what seems to be crack cocaine.

Rounding out his millionaire playboy lifestyle are the hundreds of texts and money transfers he’d made to Ekaterina Moreva’s organization.

This organization boasts of providing a “girlfriend experience” with foreign prostitutes as young as 20, who were smuggled into the country by none other than Hunter himself.

On the other hand, 20 may be a bit too old for Hunter, given the obscene amount of pornographic website searches he’d made containing the word “teen.”

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.