Hunter Biden 2.0: Pelosi’s Son Mired in Corruption, Report Claims

The immoral and corrupt exploits of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, have been known for quite some time now; so are those of the son of another top Democrat, Nancy Pelosi.

Classic City-Level Corruption Case

Paul Pelosi Jr., the 53-year-old offspring of Nancy Pelosi, might end up in the same league of public disgrace as Hunter Biden.

Paul Pelosi Jr. is linked to an FBI investigation into a fraud and bribery scheme involving San Francisco officials, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

The report is based on documents indicating the San Francisco officials in question were bribed, supposedly by Paul Pelosi Jr., in order to strike down permit violations for the benefit of his ex-girlfriend.

The object of the fraud scheme is somewhat bizarre. A flophouse owned by Paul Pelosi Jr.’s former girlfriend was apparently in violation of numerous regulations. However, those issues were illegally expunged with Paul Pelosi Jr.’s help.

It is emphasized that documents obtained by the media outlet “directly tie” Nancy Pelosi’s son to the bribery and fraud scheme in San Francisco.

In them, Pelosi Jr. signed statements, saying he’s the owner of the flophouse and agreeing to follow all laws and regulations applicable to “owners/builders” and employers.

Some of the documents show Pelosi Jr. applied for one of the permits. This led to the indictment of two San Francisco officials, permits expeditor Rodrigo Santos and building inspector Bernie Curran.

The report describes the document in question as a “smoking gun,” testifying to his deep involvement in what is described as a “high-profile criminal case of public corruption”.

According to the indictment, Santos arranged for his clients to give thousands of dollars as donations to an NPO, a rugby club that was Curran’s “favorite nonprofit”.

In exchange for the money, Curran would “turn a blind eye” to building violations, which would prevent the issuing of necessary city permits.

The report points out one of the people who “donated” corruption money in the scheme is “Client 9”, who gave $1,500 to the rugby club. This resulted in the removal of violations from a “squalid residential hotel” on San Francisco’s Utah Street.

Pelosi Jr.’s Sixth Federal Criminal Probe

The new revelations come after last week’s report that Pelosi’s son was interviewed by the FBI over the flophouse, which is the property of Karena Apple Feng, his former girlfriend.

The report noted Pelosi Jr. might be Client 9. The FBI also obtained text messages between Client 9 and Santos, which openly discuss the bribe to Curran’s nonprofit.

In one of the texts, Client 9 says he will make the donation “with pleasure”. He even wrote a check for $1,500, instead of the $1,000 which was asked of him. Apparently, the check in question was never deposited.

The report further cites Curran himself as revealing Pelosi Jr. was introduced to him by Santos as a jogging friend.

Another ex-girlfriend of Nancy Pelosi’s son, Nicole Bulick, is quoted as saying Pelosi Jr. has actually been interviewed by the FBI a total of three times since they became interested in the troubled flophouse back in 2017.

Those allegations are said to be corroborated by emails and record subpoenas.