Hulu Under Fire From Democrats For Not Having Political Bias

"Hulu at OSCON" by Garrett Heath

Cancel culture struck again earlier this week when Democrats turned on the streaming giant Hulu for its unwillingness to feed into liberal propaganda.

Hulu rejected Democrats’ attacks on Republican lawmakers for the latest changes in abortion and gun control legislation.

Even though Hulu’s parent company, Disney, explicitly stated they have a strict “no politics” policy for their ad campaigns, that didn’t stop Democrats from slamming Hulu, ultimately leading to the creation of the hashtag #boycotthulu on Twitter.

“Madison Square Garden (MSG) – Hulu Theater” by ajay_suresh

Neutral company slammed by Democrats

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also got involved, tweeting the company’s “censorship of the truth” is outrageous.

DCCC then followed up with the claim that Hulu’s silence on the matter is doing a massive disservice to the American people.

Soon thereafter, the Washington Post also chimed in, going into detail on Hulu’s decision to ban the Democratic ads targeting the GOP lawmakers.

Some other news outlets reported that Hulu actually had a different blanket ban on political ads, compared to Disney.

Neither of the two companies responded to requests for comment.

Although, all things considered, aggressive political ads don’t exactly belong on a platform designed to help you sit back and relax after a long day.

At the moment, Disney owns more than two-thirds of Hulu’s controlling interest. Considering the recent announcements from Disney executives regarding political ads, it’s very likely they also applied to related streaming platforms.

Support for Hulu

Thankfully, there are still some Twitter users with a semblance of reason and understanding. Thousands of tweets supporting the company surfaced on the hashtag, giving birth to a new hashtag, that being #ThankYouHulu.

Refusing to post political ads doesn’t take away from a company’s neutrality, regardless of its content. Although the left will beg to differ with how their brains were fried by the very politics they’ve sworn to defend.

Many pointed out the company has no obligation to support any form of left-wing activism unless the company itself is overly eager to start virtue signaling to no end.

On the other hand, some Twitter users decided to attack Hulu for a completely different cause, this time by claiming the company doesn’t support women’s rights, outlining exactly how far gone the “woke” mob is.

Whether you’re supporting something or not, none of it matters if you’re not an online “slacktivist” sharing it with the rest of the world, at least according to the left’s reasoning on the matter.

Cancel culture has gone too far.

Neutral companies like Hulu and Disney shouldn’t have to feed into propaganda to remain relevant in this day and age, especially if the “support” in question involves controversial advertising that doesn’t belong on any self-respecting platform, to begin with.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.