Hillary Clinton Mocks Scandalous Revelations She Spied on Trump

After dodging reporters’ questions for several days on the Watergate-type scandalous revelation, Hillary Clinton thought it would be wise to mock the whole scandal in a tweet.

A court filing by Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham revealed Clinton campaign executives Rodney Joffe, Jake Sullivan, and lawyer Michael Sussman organized the hacking of Trump Tower computer servers and the Executive Office of the White House from 2016 to 2017.

Their goal was to find anything in order to back a false narrative that Trump was in collusion with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Hillary’s Pathetic Mocking of ‘Hillarygate’

The entire scandal has been shamelessly hidden by the mainstream leftist media. As the mainstream media ignores this, the former First Lady neglected questions from reporters of more objective and free media outlets.

Her first comment on Watergate 2.0 came only on Wednesday; it was a single tweet in which Clinton appeared to be ridiculing and disparaging the monstrous scandal.

She declared the “fake scandal” has been cooked by “Trump & Fox” so they can distract from what she claims are “real” scandals surrounding the man who defeated her for the presidency in 2016.

Hillary further directly accused Trump and his supporters of “lying” because “his misdeeds are exposed”.

Hillary Lent Herself ‘Credibility’ by Quoting Article Calling Trump ‘a Moron’

Then, in order to lend credibility to her disparaging the unimaginable crime, Clinton thought it would be appropriate to praise an article in Vanity Fair for offering a “good debunking” of the spying scandal “nonsense”.

The Vanity Fair article was published in a rubric entitled “Conspiracy Theories”.

The article was authored by a woman named Bess Levinl, credited as a “politics correspondent.” She is a heavily far-left, pro-Marxist reporter, seemingly serving as a Democrat Party mouthpiece by repeatedly attacking President Donald Trump.

To top it all off, the article’s subtitle states “Donald Trump remains a moron” and this is “less breaking news”.

Clinton somehow thought it would be great to cite precisely this article with its pathetic name-calling of Trump.

Apparently, she is seemingly still a really sore loser from her 2016 devastating defeat to become the next president, regardless of all conspiracies and spying launched by her campaign.

In her article, Vanity Fair’s far-left propagandist Bess Levin bizarrely claims in their online spying of Trump, the cybersecurity experts hired by Hillary’s aides weren’t really spying. Instead, they were, in fact, conducting an investigation of “malware at the White House”.

Apparently misdirecting what should be said of her own far-left writing, Levin wrote Trump and his supporters have gotten “hilariously and mortifyingly incorrect” the “whole thing.”

Needless to say, with rhetoric such as this, neither Hillary Clinton nor Vanity Fair is reaching anyone who is not a hardcore, anti-Trump leftist.