Hillary Clinton: ‘Scary’ that Trump Will ‘Run Again’ in 2024

Hillary Clinton is still rambling against Trump five years after losing to him. (Flickr)

Former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made comments in a TV interview that seemed as though she was trying to “scare” the nation by predicting Trump is going to “run again” in 2024.

Hillary Clinton remains active in mainstream media, particularly with frequent attacks on President Trump.

‘Make-or-Break Point’

In her interview for NBC’s Today program, which will be fully aired on Sunday, Clinton was seen trying to sound artificially and unfoundedly alarmed at the prospect of Trump running for a second term in 2024. Clinton impudently portrayed Trump’s potential run as a terrible thing with horrendous consequences for the United States.

Trump hasn’t formally announced his 2024 candidacy for the presidency; doing so this early on would set him at a disadvantage, as he would be bound by campaign rules on media appearances and campaign fundraising.

However, Trump hinted repeatedly that numerous Americans, those who support him, will be very happy when he makes an official announcement on whether he’d run again.

Clinton told NBC News how she wanted “people to understand” this would be a “make-or-break point” for America; she might be right, but in a sense that is the opposite of what she meant.

Furthermore, she couldn’t explain why Americans should be frightened by such prospects, instead of being really happy and excited about them. Clinton asked rhetorically if the nation would “give in” to “all these lies,” “disinformation”, assaults against the “rule of law,” and the institutions of the US government.

Sob Fest at Undelivered 2016 ‘Victory Speech’

The interview with Hillary Clinton is also tied with its new streaming platform, Masterclass, which is advertised as showing lessons from various “luminaries”.

In it, Clinton goes back to her electoral defeat by President Trump back in 2016. She throws a sob fest, as she admits it was completely unexpected.

She told host Willie Geist, in spite of how rough the election campaign was for her candidacy in the last ten days before the vote, she still remained confident in her upcoming “historic victory.”

Clinton admitted that she didn’t even have a concession speech prepared in 2016. (Flickr)

In fact, Clinton admitted she was so confident she didn’t have a concession speech prepared. She also went ahead and read – for the first time, as she claimed – parts of her “victory speech”, in which she goes far and wide about her historic role as the “first woman president.”

The speech excerpts she read emphasized the historical struggle of women in the United States for voting rights. It also included a tearful account of the life of her mother, Dorothy Rodham, who passed away in 2011.

Another section of her never-delivered 2016 “victory speech” paints the picture of the America she envisioned under her rule: one of respect for women, welcoming immigrants, fair pay for workers, and where everyone has the right to marriage and “discrimination is wrong.”