Heroic Ukrainian Defenders Hellishly Tortured After Surrendering to Russia

(Social media video snapshot showing the surrender of the defenders of Mariupol on May 20)

Nearly 2,500 heroic defenders of Ukraine, who surrendered recently to Russia after holding out the coastal city of Mariupol for 82 days, are being viciously tortured and humiliated by Russian brutes, reports claim.

To top it all off, the Ukrainian leadership, who ordered besieged troops to surrender with the hope of saving their lives by exchanging for Russian POWs or high-profile “assets,” appears to be nowhere near securing their release nearly two weeks after the fact.

French, German Leaders Begging Putin to No Avail

Over the weekend, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had a long telephone conversation with Putin, urging him to release the defenders of Mariupol immediately and leave them unscathed.

The French and German appeal, however, appears to have fallen on deaf ears. However, it is certain the vicious Moscow tyrant hates Ukrainian heroes’ guts.

Putin likely remains enraged out of his sick mind that he hasn’t become the new “emperor” of Ukraine and the reborn Soviet Union because of the abject failure of his invasion.

The Azov fighters and other Ukrainian troops in Mariupol were vastly outgunned, but still managed to take out some 6,000 soldiers of the best Russian units.

(Social media video snapshot showing the surrender of the defenders of Mariupol on May 20)

Tortured by the Russians

A report based on interviews with the POWs from Mariupol, cited by the Daily Mail, says they have been severely tortured by Putin’s brutes in various ways.

These ways include inflicting unbearable pain using pliers, electrocuting, strangling with nooses, crushing their toes with machine gun butts, poking their open wounds, or even injecting them with unknown drugs.

The Russian intelligence and military are apparently using all possible means to humiliate the Azov and other Ukrainian hero fighters, including by forcing them to record confessions, sing the Russian national anthem, and beg for forgiveness.

The reports about the hellish torture of the defenders of Mariupol at the hands of the Russian monsters come against the backdrop of a last-ditch, life-or-death push by the Russian military.

The military is using all of its remaining reserves in the Donbass region in order to secure some kind of a local win.

Even with vastly more powerful forces on the Russian site, Ukrainians have been managing to resist. Not only have they been resisting, but they’ve also been able to push back at the hottest point around the twin cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk.

As per the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as of Monday morning, after 95 fighting days, Ukrainians killed more than 30,350 Russian soldiers and destroyed about 8,500 Russian military equipment pieces.

These include 1,349 main battle tanks, 3,282 carriers of armored personnel, 2,258 jeeps and trucks, 643 artillery systems, 296 systems of missiles, 13 ships, 207 warplanes, 507 drones, and 174 military helicopters.