Halloween is Going to Look Different This Year

The current market has taken a lot of hits under the Biden administration.

Interest rates have risen significantly since this president came into office. The Federal Reserve continues to argue these rate increases are designed to bring down inflation.

However, inflation is nevertheless rising, despite the Federal Reserve’s repeated interest rate upticks. These interest rates aren’t making living any more affordable. Even before the latest rise in interest rates, many Americans were barely making it.

As the second half of the year plays out, many people look forward to fun holidays, such as Halloween. However, even this year’s Halloween is going to look different from previous years, according to Breitbart News.

A Shortage of Halloween Candy

On Thursday, Hershey’s announced that supply chain issues will negatively impact the available candy this Halloween. Despite boosting its production power, Hershey still doesn’t have the necessary supply of cocoa and other critical ingredients.

The ingredients shortage, therefore, means that Hershey’s will have a reduced supply of chocolate. At this point, Hershey’s is having to carefully consider where they’re going to devote their time and resources.

With a shorter supply of candy this October, favored Halloween activities like trick-or-treating will be harder to keep up with.

Hershey’s is expected to take a least a modest hit from the supply chain issues impacting their supply of ingredients. Halloween candy accounts for nearly 10% of Hershey’s annual sales.

A Bellwether For Thanksgiving and Christmas

With news that Halloween candy will be in short supply this year, it begs the question of whether or not other holidays later this year will be impacted as well.

If supply chain issues persist, there’s a real possibility that turkeys and other common Thanksgiving foods could be in short supply, more expensive, or both. The same could also apply to Christmas trees.

The supply chain backlogs have consistently endured under the Biden administration. The same president who talked about building back better has yet to rebuild the supply chain and iron out the kinks adversely impacting the economy.

In light of the current economic downtown, it remains to be seen whether or not Americans will be able to afford Halloween candy, let alone Thanksgiving feasts or Christmas trees.

Over the weekend, the White House did not release a statement concerning the latest announcement from Hershey’s. However, there is a real possibility that the candy shortage will come up during one of this week’s White House press briefings.

What do you think of the news that Hershey’s won’t be able to supply the amount of Halloween candy that it has in the past? How long do you believe the current backlogs and delays in the supply chain will continue? Be sure to let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.