Grassley Slams FBI, DOJ For Alleged Biden Family Business Conspiracy of Silence

The FBI and DOJ are being chastised for applying a double standard of justice to their political opponents and rushing to close investigations, particularly against Hunter Biden, that could have yielded evidence damaging to their desired political outcomes.

On Monday, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley revealed in a derisive letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Director of the FBI Christopher Wray how politics historically stained how the FBI and DOJ handle investigations.

Grassley stated, based on the charges he obtained from several informants, that Garland and Wray have fundamental and grave issues within their institutions.

They owe it to the nation to take these charges seriously, examine them swiftly, and take action to address these and other issues before them.

Grassley, citing evidence from extremely credible sources in both federal agencies, detailed how the FBI illegally attempted to discount negative material about Hunter Biden as falsehoods and halted investigations.

According to Grassley, due to the acts of multiple high-ranking federal employees, credible and verifiable negative information about Hunter Biden was incorrectly designated as disinformation.

Political Influence

The misgivings Grassley has had for many years regarding influence of political considerations on decision-making procedures at the Department of Justice and FBI were highlighted in Grassley’s letter.

If these accusations are true, the Department of Justice and FBI are and always have been so corrupt that neither Congress, nor the American people, will trust them to carry out the law fairly.

According to a May letter from Grassley to both Garland and Wray, Deputy Special Agent in Command Timothy Thibault violated federal laws, guidelines, and Federal Bureau of Investigation rules.

Per the letter dated May 31, an experienced, high-ranking FBI agent engaged in a routine of aggressive public partisanship on his social media accounts, which likely violated his ethical requirements as an FBI employee.

Grassley highlighted in a letter dated July 18 how Thibault’s political partisanship extended far beyond his improper social media posts and influenced his official decisions about critical public corruption cases.

Upon Grassley’s call for criminal whistleblowers, they divulged to the senator that Thibault refused to clear or authorize inquiries based on partisan objectives, despite the existence of appropriate prognostication.

Additionally, Thibault allegedly attempted to inappropriately flag the subject in FBI databases so it could not be revisited in the future.

Duty of Congress

According to Grassley, it is the legal obligation of Congress to examine the Executive Branch for corruption, waste, abuse, and egregious mismanagement, actions that erode the public’s faith in government entities.

For this reason, the senator gave Garland and Wray until August 8 to provide records pertaining to disparaging details about Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their abroad business relationships.

They must also turn over further information about the officials who incorrectly closed inquests into the Biden family ventures.

Grassley did not mention the DOJ or FBI’s previous known violations. However, it is evident from the language of his message that he believes this is a deeply ingrained problem in both agencies.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.