Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Five Tools of Marxism’s Quest for Far-Left Totalitarianism in US  

The Marxist agenda is simple: the abolition or destruction of the American republic with its rights, freedoms, and democracy for every human on US soil.

They then aim to replace it with a far-left totalitarian anti-utopia in which the top dog Marxists revel in unlimited state-sponsored riches, are unaccountable to the public, and make all decisions about everyone’s personal life.

Today’s American Marxists are using various vehicles to drive home their anti-utopian agenda: the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, and an overarching alliance with Big Tech.

However, those are just the vehicles. They have various ideological tools to brainwash as many Americans into obedient Marxist-Communist zombies devoid of any independent, rational, common-sense thinking.

What are the top five tools that modern-day Marxists are using in order to destroy the existing American republic, nation, and democracy, and achieve their far-left totalitarian anti-utopia?

  1. Wokeism, Racism, CRT, Segregation and Racial Hatred

The Marxists don’t want racial harmony and stuff like that. They want conflict, strife, and violence in order to achieve their vision. That is why they claim racism is in absolutely everything and dehumanize certain groups of the population.

Of course, there are also other target groups like people of color who dare to think independently, be conservatives, or call out the Marxist horrors. They are immediately labeled “Uncle Toms” and other slurs because the Marxists consider them their natural “feudal”-type subjects.

  1. Transgenderism and Gender Ideology

Marxists invent fake genders, fake identities, and fake conflicts – in order to use the made-up “genders” to destroy any sexual, family, and human normalcy the existing, highly successful society is based on.

They keep attacking the objective biological truth and reality – which is easy for them to do because they don’t excel in sanity; for Marxists, reality and truth are made up.

Marxist propaganda through all channels is promoting transgenderism and the gender ideology aggressively to dupe as many Americans as possible.

  1. Attack on American Symbols – Including Christmas

Marxists believe today’s still American society must be annihilated using shaming, gaslighting, and other tactics by borrowing “arguments” from wokeness and transgenderism.

They attack American patriotism, Christianity, apple pie, Christmas trees, and the “Merry Christmas” greeting.

Their goal here is to create non-stop harassment and psychological terror so decent Americans simply cannot defend themselves from the deeper-running wokeism and transgenderism.

  1. Defiance of American Institutions

Marxists are demanding to abolish the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court with far-leftists, and defund the police. Marxists want to cause disruption, and so on, and so forth.

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic Mandates

Marxists have used coronavirus as a justification to dictate what Americans do with their bodies, how they behave even at home, not to mention the mandates over public life.

They love having total power and control over people’s personal lives. Their mandates are crushing the freedoms, rights, free will, and resistance willpower of all Americans.

This way, when more serious, direct, violent fights happen, Americans will be too worn out and wiped out to resist.


It is imperative that true, patriotic Americans pay attention to what Marxists are doing.

They want to make America nothing short of hellish, apocalyptic, and appalling. Unless decent American patriots act now to stop the Marxist plague, this vision might become a horrifying reality.