Gender Neutral Airline Bookings Are Coming Soon

Over the past several years, there have been growing conversations about gender and its role in society.

Many Americans hold the view that people should use the bathrooms of their biological gender. The same opinion also pertains to sports.

Amid growing debates over biological men/transgender women competing in biological women’s sports, multiple states have passed laws to ensure women’s sports are for biological females only.

However, the conversation about gender in society is far from over. As Newsmax confirms, top airlines are planning to let people book their flights under a gender-neutral category.

A Big Change to Booking With Airlines

By the time 2024 wraps up, Airlines For America confirms that travelers who wish to book tickets not under the standard “female” and “male” options will have the chance to do so.

American, Southwest, and Delta Airlines are just a few examples of companies represented by Airlines For America.

Along with the option to book gender-neutral airline tickets will also be information pages on airline websites.

These information pages will help people who wish to book gender-neutral tickets get help from customer support with any questions or uncertainties involving this process.

Airlines For America holds the view that no one should have to deal with “misgendering” themselves just to be able to take a flight.

News of airlines’ decisions to move forward with this change comes months after the White House confirmed Americans will be able to select “X” gender on their passports.

Bigger Fish to Fry?

Right now, top US airlines have problems extending far beyond whether or not a gender-neutral option exists for ticket bookings.

Airlines are having to rescind flights in mass numbers, with delays having become par for the course as well. This has gotten so bad that Democrats like Bernie Sanders are saying airlines need to be fined thousands of dollars per traveler when delays and cancellations occur.

On top of this, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated possible punishments for airlines if they aren’t able to smooth out travel disruptions. Buttigieg has not publicly responded to the letter Sanders sent to the Transportation Department regarding fees for air travel upsets.

Airlines, today, are short on pilots, who just so happen to be vital for getting customers to where they need to be. On top of that, airline pilots who are on the beat have been doing overtime shifts to avoid adding even more delays and cancellations to airlines’ loads.

Numerous Americans are looking forward to airlines getting these issues smoothed out so travel can get back to normal.

What do you think about airlines’ commitments to putting gender-neutral options on their sites for flight bookings? Let us know your views on this shift in the comments field.