Gangs Kidnapping Ukraine Refugees from Putin’s War to Make Them Sex Slaves

(Snapshot from social media footage showing Ukrainian refugees from Putin's war)

The world is watching in horror and disbelief of the dreadful war crimes that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military is committing in Ukraine.

Numerous Ukrainian women fleeing their country as refugees are now ending up in the hands of international organized crime rings and being forced to be sex slaves.

‘Free’ Rides that Cost Dearly

Nearly 1.5 million people have fled from Putin’s war in Ukraine to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova; the majority of them are women and children, as many of the husbands and fathers stayed behind to fight the invaders.

Shockingly enough, the international mafia in the region is taking advantage of the situation; they’re abducting young Ukrainian female refugees and forcing them to be prostitutes, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Apparently, criminal gangs throughout Eastern Europe are targeting Ukrainian women who are seeking refuge from the horrors of the war caused by Putin not just for sex slavery, but also for slave labor.

These criminal gangs are already trafficking all over Europe those who they’ve managed to abduct, even all the way west to the UK.

According to the report, the biggest forced labor and sex slavery traps are offers for “free” transportation to various places in Central and Western Europe.

If Ukrainian refugees fall into the trap, the criminal gangs posing as good samaritans then demand money; they use the demand as a pretext for forced labor and even prostitution.

One 27-year-old Ukrainian woman, whose identity is kept secret, revealed the story of her friend who escaped to Poland and was offered a free ride to the Polish capital Warsaw by an unknown man.

When the destination was reached, he started demanding money and became aggressive, telling her now she would have to work for him.

The targeted woman was lucky because she started shouting, attracting people’s attention, and then managed to run away.

The 27-year-old who told the story said she was trying to alert as many Ukrainian refugees as possible in order to raise awareness that they might be kidnapped, extorted, and abused by international criminals taking advantage of their vulnerable situation.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing Ukrainian refugees from Putin’s war)

Desperate Ukrainian Women Falling in Mafia Traps

The report cites an expert on human trafficking policy, Lauren Agnew, who works for the CARE charity. Agnew warns the invasion of Ukraine is going to exacerbate human trafficking in Europe and on a global scale.

Agnew stated many of the Ukrainian refugees are going to “end up trafficked.” There will be a lot of them, considering the predictions that up to seven million Ukrainians might escape their country because of Putin’s atrocious war crimes.

The expert noted the countries receiving Ukrainians are already “hot spots for criminal gangs.” The mobsters are invariably going to view the refugees as a “rich source” of wealth they can exploit.

Agnew revealed the offers of free transportation for refugees is just one of the methods gangs are using in order to abduct and exploit women.

She noted the women and children fleeing Ukraine are oftentimes desperate, which makes it easy for them to fall into the mafia’s traps by accepting the first offer for help they encounter.

There are entire groups of men with signs near Poland’s border with Ukraine offering free transportation within the country.

It is impossible to know which of those are genuine help offers, and which are godless, nasty mobsters preying upon some of the world’s most vulnerable.