France Disgraces West By Wanting to Save Russia from Humiliating Defeat

(Macron and Putin hug it out in Paris in 2019)

France just disgraced itself by preventing a “humiliation” for Moscow based on the outcome of the war in Ukraine.

Genocide, Gang Rapes, Torture Mean Nothing to France

Macron’s latest call for Russia not to be “humiliated” comes against the backdrop of the 100th-day milestone of the war in Ukraine.

Russian troops in Ukraine have been committing brutal, stupefying crimes against humanity and acts of genocide.

Those include gang rapes of infants or children in front of their parents. It includes holding girls as sex slaves for weeks, raping elderly men and women up to 78 years of age, not to mention numerous torture chambers, executions, and massacres.

Enter France’s conceited, self-righteous, murderous dictator kowtowing President Emmanuel Macron.

He keeps trying to play the much-coveted role of a mediator between Putin and the leadership of the Free World epitomized by the United States of America.

France: ‘Please, Don’t Humiliate Poor Russia and Putin!’

Just as Putin was about to invade Ukraine, in January and February, Macron kept on meeting and holding telephone conversations with the Moscow autocratic murderer.

He was announcing some kind of agreement had been reached – only to have Putin and his Kremlin propagandist come out a couple of hours later and completely humiliate the French president by rejecting whatever he announced as an outcome of the meeting.

Speaking on Friday, Macron decided to further disgrace himself and France by calling for preventing the “humiliation” of Russia.

Never mind that such an outcome would be completely legitimate and a blessing to the entire Free World and anybody who is sick and tired of Russian terrorism, blackmail, extortion, threats, and crimes.

In his latest apologetic comments about the Russian war criminal president, his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, said he told Putin he committed a “historic and fundamental error” not just “for himself,” but also “for history” and “for his people.”

This comment doesn’t exactly sound like a denunciation of Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine. It’s just saying France is sorry the Moscow regime isn’t more successful.

In his comments, which came from an interview for a French regional media outlet, Macron said Putin had “isolated himself” – as though that gives him the right to invade and destroy sovereign foreign nations.

Yet, Putin doesn’t consider the Ukrainians foreign because he just denies their right to exist, a fact clearly lost to the French leader.

Macron then reiterated the disgraceful call that he made once before, a couple of weeks ago, that Putin’s Russia “shouldn’t be humiliated”

Apparently, to the president of France, the victims of harrowing Russian crimes in Ukraine should care deeply for the feelings of the Russian murderers and rapists, and of their hellish leader Vladimir Putin, first and foremost.