Florida Governor Gives New Bombshell Interview

The state of Florida continues to chart new history as America’s freedom vs. tyranny fight heats up.

Months ago, Florida was the first state in the nation to have laws on the books that protect customers in the state from being forced to show COVID vaccine passports in order to get service.

Recently, Florida has also passed laws shielding the state’s workers from being fired if they choose to forego the COVID vaccine. With the omicron variant being talked about, there are already some folks who are more than eager to usher in new lockdowns and control.

As Fox News reports, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis made it very clear this is something he will never stand for.

A Closer Look at DeSantis’ Bombshell Interview

During remarks in Oldsmar, Florida, the Republican governor made very clear that in his state, the game of endless mandates and restrictions will not stand. DeSantis declared the Sunshine State will not allow school closures, lockdowns, mandates or otherwise to rear their ugly heads.

The Florida governor noted that if select individuals choose to lockdown by their own volition, this is their right. DeSantis then explained in a free society, it’s wrong to impose “Faucism” on the nation at large, or even upon individual states.

Florida continues to have record low cases of COVID, even lower than states like California and Vermont with stringent mandates and exceedingly high vaccination rates. DeSantis pointed out omicron and COVID are things we have to learn to deal with as a society, rather than just dooming people to lockdowns.

The low COVID cases in the Sunshine State are testament to the fact that eroding individual liberties is not necessary in order to keep people safe. Furthermore, the Florida Republican governor’s leadership has led to thousands of individuals moving to the state on a daily basis.

An Example for Other Governors to Follow

If the United States had more governors like Ron DeSantis, the nation would be so much better off. Right now, Democrat governors in states like New York and California are doing all they can to impose more restrictions.

These Democrats are outrightly dismissing and discarding freedom, using this virus and the fear surrounding it to achieve their own ends. At the same time, this is exactly what the White House has been attempting to do, with their work to push various COVID vaccine mandates on private businesses, federal contractors, etc.

However, this isn’t going too well for the Biden administration. On Tuesday, a Georgia federal court slammed the president’s vaccination order for federal contractors with a nationwide injunction.

Other courts have already put injunctions and stays on additional mandates from this White House as well.

What do you think about the statements from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday?