Fiery Trump Destroys Biden For Being Ushered by Easter Bunny

(CSpan footage snapshop)

President Trump was on fire Saturday night.

He gave a speech to a huge rally in the state of Ohio where he depicted Joe Biden as a fool for literally “taking orders” given to him by the Easter Bunny.

Trump was referring to the incident on Easter Day when, during the White House’s Easter Egg Roll, the seemingly senile and lost 79-year-old Sleepy Joe was actually bossed around by a giant female Easter Bunny.

Biden’s Easter Bunny Was a ‘Political Operative’

The Easter Bunny turned out to be an employee of the White House communications department who was dispatched to keep an eye on Biden’s public appearance.

She did exactly that by interrupting the disoriented old man when he talked to the public.

Speaking in Ohio’s Delaware County Fairgrounds on Saturday night, President Trump dwelled on the utterly embarrassing moments that Biden suffered on Easter Day.

Trump emphasized Biden’s inadequacy along with the fact that America is getting “destroyed” and “going to hell”, as cited by The Daily Mail. Then, Trump stressed this has never happened before.

The former president reminded the thousands of supporters who attended his Ohio rally of another of Biden’s recent, painful-to-watch “senior moments”: when he shook hands “with the air” and then started “walking around bewildered.”

That was when Trump came to Biden’s Easter Bunny fiasco, as he asked the rally whether they had seen the Easter Bunny as Biden’s big, fluffy, grotesque caretaker.

Trump also pointed out to the crowd that the Easter Bunny who ushered Biden was in fact “a political operative.”

He then actually praised the Easter Bunny operative for doing a “good job” keeping Sleepy Joe in line and declared his Save America PAC “should hire that guy.”

(Snapshot from White House footage)

They All ‘Said Bad S—t about Me’

While correct that the Easter Bunny did “well” in terms of cutting Biden off from speaking to the members of the public, Trump did get the person’s sex wrong.

The operative in question was revealed to be a member of Biden’s press office, Meghan Hays, who serves as the director of message planning at the White House.

Hays posted on Twitter a photo with her mask head off, together with Joe and Jill Biden.

Trump’s Saturday night rally in Central Ohio came ten days ahead of the primary election in the state on May 3, in which Trump recently supported J.D. Vance, an author and venture capitalist who was previously opposed to him.

Before he invited Vance on stage, Trump did emphasize that he was pleased to endorse him for Senate so he can defeat a radical leftist opponent during the midterms in November.

Trump actually admitted that Vance is “a guy” who in the past said “bad s—t about me.”

At the same time, however, Trump stressed many of those who were against him in the past have “all come back” and this is what ultimately matters.