ESPN Goes Woke, Leaving Behind Its Sports Legacy

ESPN has long been known as the largest sports network in the United States, which Americans used to enjoy getting a break from the highly polarized politics of the country.

However, the channel is now infiltrated by far-left personalities, who are using it to promote their woke agenda extensively.

ESPN Goes Woke

On this Independence Day, Howard Bryant, a senior writer for ESPN, wrote an article titled, “Baseball, barbecue and failing freedom this Fourth of July.”

This criticized a variety of things, including military accolades and “nationalism” without question in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

According to Bryant, America is “tearing itself completely apart,” due to the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict abortion.

Similarly, the columnist also noted America’s flag is “co-opted” by different “white nationalism groups,” while he also touched on the January 6 hearings in his article.

Back in 2020, ESPN extensively covered the murder of George Floyd and the protests which followed; many conservative baseball players were criticized for their religious beliefs.

This woke behavior of ESPN has become a normal day affair nowadays.

Just last month, ESPN’s Sarah Spain called five players of a baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, “bigots” when they refused to wear an LGBTQ+ logo on their shirts, due to their religious beliefs.

Likewise, ESPN host Malika Andrews went into tears last month after the Roe v. Wade verdict, claiming the Supreme Court snatched the “constitutional right to abortion” given about 50 years ago.

Another liberal host, Elle Duncan, recorded an online-only segment recently in which she urged fathers to speak up for the abortion rights of their daughters.

ESPN is No More a Sports Network

In March, broadcasters Courtney Lyle and Carolyn Peck went silent in a women’s basketball broadcast to register their protest against the Florida parental rights bill. 

During the halftime of the game, Lyle told viewers this is usually the time to reflect on the first half of the game, but some things that are “bigger than basketball” must be addressed immediately.

This step of ESPN was highly expected. The network is owned by the Walt Disney Company, which was deprived of its special status in Florida when it came to the crossroads with the Florida government on the same bill.

The incumbent president of ESPN, Jimmy Pitaro, got the top job when his far-left predecessor, John Skipper, unexpectedly resigned in 2017.

ESPN started preaching the leftist agenda in Skipper’s era; the current administration of the network took that agenda to new heights.

During Skipper’s tenure, liberal personalities were financially rewarded, while some conservative figures were fired for posting their political beliefs online.

While Pitaro initially vowed to distance his network from politics, different personalities kept plaguing Americans’ minds using a variety of racial and political topics.