Entire Unit of Elite Russian Commandos Slaughtered in Ukraine Assault

(Photos derived by BBC News from Russian Facebook equivalent VKontakte show some of the 331st regiment paratroopers massacred near Kyiv by Ukraine’s defenders)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has gone awry since the very day it began.

This is particularly evident in the fate of Russia’s 331st Guards Parachute Regiment, one of the most elite units of the Russian military.

Its members have been slaughtered near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by Ukraine’s defenders.

The Invasion That Went Terribly Awry from the Start

Putin’s plan from the start was to have his heavily armored hordes storm Ukraine in order to force it to collapse with barely any battle, just out of fear, and there was no “plan B”.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy didn’t flee the capital Kyiv. Ukrainian troops stood their ground all over the map in spite of the initial dismay at the unprovoked, massive Russian attack.

As of April 2, the Ukrainians managed to completely stop the attack on their capital Kyiv. What is more, they’ve managed to counterattack and liberate many areas around Kyiv.

In the east, the Ukrainians have held their ground by defending Kharkiv.

US and NATO intelligence and military sources estimated up to one-fourth of Putin’s original invasion force has been incapacitated; tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed, wounded, or captured.

According to the latest update of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, since the war started on February 24, Ukraine’s defenders have killed more than 17,800 Russian troops, and downed a whopping 143 Russian warplanes, 134 attack helicopters, and 87 drones.

The Ukrainians have also destroyed mind-blowing numbers of Russian ground military equipment: 631 tanks, 1,776 armored personnel carriers, 1,236 trucks, and other vehicles and weapons.

Particularly harrowing, albeit well-deserved, appears to have been the fate of the 331st Guards Parachute Regiment of Russia’s airborne troops, the much-dreaded VDV, which is made of professional commando troops.


(Photos derived by BBC News from Russian Facebook equivalent VKontakte show some of the 331st regiment paratroopers massacred near Kyiv by Ukraine’s defenders)

The Russian Paratroopers’ Karma

A report by BBC News managed to confirm that at least 39 members of the elite unit had been killed up until March 13.

The same report says unofficial information shows half of the unit was massacred by the brave defenders of Ukraine. Russian commandos were sent to capture and secure the suburbs outside of Kyiv at the very start of the war.

The real number of casualties in the 331st Guards Parachute Regiment is believed to be in the hundreds, considering how many bodies the Russians have been unable or unwilling to recover.

To top it all off, the 331st paratroopers’ regiment was massacred outside of Kyiv by Ukrainian forces made up largely of reservists and civilian volunteers.

The report cites Ilya Ponamarev, a former member of the Russian parliament and Putin critic, who has been living in Kyiv, as saying the entire elite paratroopers’ regiment has gotten “wiped out” by the Ukrainians.

He added people in Kyiv say the fate of the elite Russian unit in question was nothing but a “perfect example of karma.

Those who invaded to conquer a free, democratic nation for Putin’s empire and committed numerous war crimes have not only met their match, but were also sent straight to hell by the defending heroes.