Embattled Russian Troops Mutiny as Ukraine War Passes 100th Day Milestone

(Social media video snapshot shows mutinous Russian separatist troops from the Donetsk People's Republic)

Russia’s vicious war of aggression and conquest against Ukraine has seen its first self-publicized mutiny of Russian troops.

These troops are begging Vladimir Putin for help, a bizarre move that occurred a day before Friday, when his invasion passed the 100th-day milestone.

Meanwhile, US intelligence services confirmed previous reports that Putin is suffering from cancer and recently survived an assassination attempt.

100 Days of War, Last-Ditch Push in Donbass

Putin’s goal was to force the Ukrainian government to capitulate simply due to the launch of the shock-and-awe operation.

However, plucky Ukrainians didn’t cower. They bravely resisted the invasion all over the map, completely defeating the Russians in the north, and stopping them in the east and south.

In doing so, they inflicted horrendous losses upon Russian forces in what has become the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

After Russians “lost” the original invasion in February and March, their entire strategy has been based on conquering only the Donbass region.

For the most part, Ukrainian defenders have been holding the fort there; although the colossal Russian advantage in terms of military hardware, in a 20:1 ratio, allowed the Russians to nearly capture Severodonetsk, a town of about 100,000 people.

(Ukraine Weapons Tracker social media photo shows Ukrainian volunteer units equipped with ancient machine guns mounted on pickup trucks)

Fighting For Putin ‘in Hunger and Cold’

The Russian invasion has laid bare the tremendous logistical failures and overall supply and communication incompetence of Putin’s military.

There have been reports of a number of cases in which Russian soldiers refused to fight or have been literally shooting themselves in the leg to avoid fighting further.

For the first time, on Thursday, there was an open mutiny of sorts of Russian troops, more specifically of poorly trained ethnic Russian conscripts of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

The separatist soldiers of the DPR posted a video statement with their harrowing grievances on the Telegram app, which seemed to be directed at Putin himself as a cry for help.

The group of DPR soldiers said they were from the Moscow proxy’s 113th rifle regiment, more specifically, its 5th infantry battalion.

They declared they have been fighting Ukrainians for months “in hunger and cold,” without receiving any decent food supplies or medical care from Russia.

Their unnamed commander read their statement. A group of some 100 men lined up behind him and listened in silent agreement. The statement complained the Russian proxy draft conscripted men with chronic medical conditions or psychiatric problems.

They armed these men and tossed them into battle.

The Russian separatist commander said the Russian command has been construing their complaints as sabotage, but he wondered what Moscow has to gain by “sending your soldiers to death.”