Dying Young Father Denied Heart Transplant for Not Believing in COVID Vaccine

“Vax totalitarianism,” which was the target of a major Washington DC rally over the past weekend, is taking an even uglier turn.

A dying young father in Boston was removed from the very top of a list for heart transplant simply because he doesn’t believe in the COVID-19 vaccine and hasn’t been vaccinated.

Beliefs May Cost You Your Life

Boston Brigham and Women’s Hospital may practically be sentencing to death 31-year-old DJ Ferguson, a father of two young children, by removing him from the heart transplant donor list.

Ferguson suffers from a hereditary heart condition, which causes blood and fluid to fill his heart and lungs, the Daily Mail reported.

The hospital is quoted as trying to justify its decision by stating all transplant recipients are supposed to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for a “successful operation” and the post-transplantation “survival of the patient.”

The Harvard Medical School hospital in question also said that the COVID-19 vaccine requirement is valid at many medical centers across the country. Other conditions on its protocols for transplant candidates include bans on alcohol consumption and smoking.

According to Dr. Arthur Caplan, head of Medical Ethics at the Grossman School of Medicine at NYU, the vaccine ought to be required because transplantation practically turns off a patient’s immune system.

Caplan told CBS Boston because of that, transplant patients could be killed not just by COVID-19, but also by the flu or a cold.

He argued since transplantation organs “are scarce,” they won’t be given to patients with a “poor chance of living,” while the vaccine increases the chance of surviving post-surgery.

Fighting Courageously on the Edge of Death

David Ferguson, DJ Ferguson’s father, is quoted as saying getting vaccinated runs counter to his son’s “basic principles,” and it isn’t something that he believes in.

He praised his son for “fighting pretty damn courageously” for what he believes in. He said he respects his son even more because of that.

David Ferguson also conveyed the Boston hospital is enforcing the vaccination policy by removing DJ from their heart transplant list.

The family of the young father would like to move him to a different hospital, but in a Facebook post, his wife, Heath Dawson, said he cannot do that.

She explained he is “unable to leave” the Boston hospital until he gets the necessary heart surgery. Without it, his heart and lungs will keep getting filled up with fluid and blood.

The case of DJ Ferguson isn’t the first case in which a patient badly needing a transplant is denied because of not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Back in October, a 56-year-old Colorado woman, Leilani Lutali, was removed from a kidney transplant list by one of the hospitals of UCHealth because neither she, nor her donor, 45-year-old Jaimee Fougner, had been vaccinated.

Instead, they were put on a list of patients “non-compliant” with the transplant requirements.

In another case, Mike Ganin from Ohio, who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus, was removed from a kidney transplant list because his donor hadn’t been vaccinated.

In the case of Lutali and Fougner in Colorado, both refused the COVID-19 vaccine based on religious reasons. Fetal cell lines have been used in their development and other vaccines in the past have been developed with cells from abortions.