Drunk Russian Soldiers Kill Little Girl in Ukraine

(Family handout photo shows 10-year-old Nastya who was shot dead by drunk Russian soldiers in her home 40 miles north of Kyiv)

The devastating invasion of Ukraine by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s troops is descending into the mayhem of marauding and hang-to-hang urban combats.

This now involves a case in which a 10-year-old girl was shot dead by drunk Russian soldiers.

As Putin has been furious because of his troops’ failure to conquer Ukraine, the Russian military is increasingly resorting to terrifying war crimes against the civilian population.

Dozens of Children Have Gotten Killed

Among other things, these war crimes have included three days of lying to the Ukrainians about evacuations from several besieged major cities – only to attack the civilian convoys with artillery, rockets, mortars, and machine guns.

One of the dozens of innocent Ukrainian kids killed by Putin’s hordes is Anastasia (Nastya) Stoluk, a 10-year-old girl gunned down by drunk Russian soldiers shooting indiscriminately at civilians’ homes in Shybene.

Anna Stoluk was murdered by a group of seemingly drunk Russian soldiers on the fourth day after Putin’s invasion.

According to the account of the murdered 10-year-old girl’s mother, a Ukrainian teenager fired a gun in the air, with Russian troops already present in Shybene on February 28.

This caused the group of Putin soldiers to start “returning fire” in all directions.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing civilians trying to evacuate through the Kharkiv train station)

Putin’s Soldiers are Looting Stores and Getting Drunk

Vera Dmitrienko recalled how the Russian soldiers had been seen getting drunk after they looted all grocery and liquor stores in the small Ukrainian town.

As Putin’s drunk troops began firing indiscriminately, they shot the 10-year-old girl in her home. At the time, the girl was with her uncle, who got wounded. Little Nastya herself died immediately.

As if the child’s horrifying murder wasn’t enough, the Russian troops occupying the town prevented the girl’s family from going to the local cemetery; 10-year-old Nastya had to be buried in the backyard of her home.

According to the account of the mother, the wounded uncle was rushed to a hospital, but the family hasn’t been able to get information about his condition ever since and doesn’t know whether he is alive.

Multiple videos shared on social media and reports from observers on the ground indicate increasingly demoralized Russian troops are succumbing to looting, as their own food supplies are inadequate.

At the same time, in the northwestern suburbs of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the Russian formations are assaulting street by street and building by building. The Battle for Kyiv has turned into hand-to-hand combat.

Updates posted by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Tuesday morning said more than 12,000 Russian troops have been killed in the first 12 days of the invasion, while over 300 tanks and over 1,000 armored personnel carriers have been destroyed.

The Ukrainians have also downed 80 Russian attack helicopters and 48 Russian warplanes. Also on Tuesday, the number of Ukrainian refugees fleeing to the country’s western neighbors, mostly to Poland, surpassed two million.