Donald Trump Finds Epic New Way To Troll the Left

Former President Trump has been having a hell of a few weeks. Most people would be curled up in a ball crying after what he’s been through.

The FBI and the entire Biden regime are trying to take his scalp and put him away for good. Trump doesn’t work that way. Part of the reason so many Americans love this guy is that he punches back and he punches hard.

Trump is now dealing with the raids on his Mar-a-Lago home and the political witch hunt against him by finding a new, hilarious way to humiliate and undermine the Democrat Party.

Here’s what he’s been doing…

Trump the Troll

On Wednesday, Trump decided to try something new. Instead of complaining about the left, he started sarcastically endorsing Democrats for office.

This highlighted just how absurd and unqualified many leftists are for high office.

Take one example: Daniel Goldman, an arrogant and completely incompetent attorney who was brought on board by Russiagate hoaxer Adam Schiff to impeach Trump the first time around. That impeachment failed, as did the second fake impeachment.

In other words, Goldman is a failure, which makes him an ideal Democrat. He’s running for New York’s 10th District and Trump decided to give him a boost, saying Goldman has a “wonderful future.”

He particularly praised Goldman’s inability to stop him as a candidate and for helping Trump realize that he was unstoppable.

Here’s the thing: a Trump endorsement may get some red-blooded MAGA Americans pumped up, but it makes liberals uncomfortable.

Even as a joke, why would Trump be talking about Goldman? His base and funding are already slipping away and his opponent Mondaire Jones is gloating.

Laughing at the Losers

Trump also endorsed Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat running for office in the upcoming midterms in New York’s 12th Congressional District.

As head of the House Oversight Committee that’s been trying to tease progressives for years about getting ahold of Trump’s tax returns and putting him behind bars, Trump also praised this failure of a woman and wished her luck.

This is all a way of laughing at the losers. As Trump said from the very beginning, what’s important is winning.

The reason so many millions latched onto his message wasn’t what the liberal media thinks or what professors teaching Marxism at university think. The reason is people are sick and tired of being told that losing is fine.

It’s not fine. We can do better and we will do better.

These loser Democrats deserve to get messed around with in this way and trolled by the former POTUS who they have tried so hard, and unsuccessfully, to unseat.

The Bottom Line

Enjoy losing your races, Mr. Goldman and Ms. Maloney.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.